Meeting Time: June 08, 2020 at 11:00am MST
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9 (CONTINUED FROM JUNE 3, 2020) - Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Concessionaire Financial Relief (Ordinance S-46708)

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    Rev Dr Lydia GonzalezDross over 3 years ago

    I pray that the City Council and the Mayor to do the right thing. Today is World Civility Day, a proclamation signed by the City of Phoenix Mayor. We need our 9-1-1, EMSA, Fire, and Police. We need the rule of law- defunding only will increase more violence and more deaths. Last night fire downtown is an example. Had they not responded, more buildings would have been burned down. Is that the fate of our City- we need the Police Academy to be reformed. Look at how you are training your officers.

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    Maria Rios over 3 years ago

    I was ready to speak at the last meeting but I waited for 6 hours without the chance to tell you that I have cancer and have chemotherapy appointment at the end of June. HMS Host, my employer who you are about to reward with more money cut my health insurance off on June 4! I can not afford COBRA at $1600 a month and ACCHS does not cover all of my chemo. What are we supposed to do now!?

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    Heidi Swiss over 3 years ago

    I understand that the airport companies need rent relief to get us back to work. I am not denying that fact but what I will say is this that we are the back bone of these companies we the hands that is behind making all the food. We should not have our health insurance taken away. It is not right a lot of people myself included have a lot of underlying health conditions that either rely on treatments or medications. I have asthma without my health insurance 1 inhaler will cost me $400 a month.

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    Ziggy Yeghin over 3 years ago

    My name is Ziegrade Yeghin. I have worked at HMS Host for 16 years. There are so many unknowns about returning to work. I am high-risk and I don't feel like I will be safe. I need to get health insurance but HMS now will not offer it until I get back to work. HR told me I had to come back or I would lose my job and my seniority. I feel like they are just throwing me away after all this time! If you give money to HMS, what will you do for the airport workers?

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    Blanca orellana over 3 years ago

    Mi nombre es Blanca Orellana trabajo con hms host estoy preocupada con la situacion en la que estamos no hay nada garantizado y no sabemos cuando vamos a regresar para el trabajo no hay ninguna palabra de nuestros managers o supervisores nada de Bueno solo recibimos puras noticias malas eso me pone mal porque yo tengo a mi familia biles y cosas que pagar no es justo que nos quiten la aseguranza medica porfavor hagan todo lo que este a su alcanse y ayudenos y no se olviden de nosotros

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    margarita castaneda over 3 years ago

    My name is margarita Castaneda I work for Hms host as cook but i am currently furloughed I am very concerned right now because I don't know when I will be going back to work Its frustrating not knowing anything .This few months when rough to pay my bills living in fear that I might get sick with this corona virus knowing that hms droped us from insurance and know we are not even guarantee if we are returning back to work please help us we need all your support don't forget about us.

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    Daniel Dains over 3 years ago

    I support relief for concessionaires at the airport, without them we would not be ranked as the number one airport in the country by the Wall Street Journal. They bring a wonderful feel to our airport while giving local business opportunities they would not other wise have. I don’t want to see our airport go back to major chin restaurants. Please Suport local business.

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    Ginger Brown over 3 years ago

    My name is Ginger Brown Im a UNITEHERE member, work at the airport as a server. I'm ready go back to work but I want to make sure that the city is thinking about me and my needs during this time. If you give bailout money to SSP how will that impact us? We need to know we will be safe when we get back to the airport and that we will have our health benefits.

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    jinda arintok over 3 years ago

    My name is Jinda arintok I been furloughed since march 18 2020 I work for hms host for the admirals clubs its not easy being in this situation without having a job knowing that if we don't go back soon or if they don't reopened soon we will struggle because of our payments its very terrifying knowing we wont even have insurance no job no benefits this is hard on everyone but please take this matter into consideration and don't forget us we love our airport but we also want support its not easy.

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    soledad chavolla over 3 years ago

    My name is Soledad chavolla I am currently on furloughed Since march of 2020 I work for hms host for the admirals clubs for American airlines I am so worried right now its not easy being without a Job I have a family to take care of and its hard because rent and bills keep getting accumulated and even worse with hms taking the insurance away from us makes it even harder please take into consideration that we are and been struggling after being lead on furloughed remember us sky harbor employees.

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    heidy rio over 3 years ago

    I have been furloughed since march 28,2020 I felt worried when I found out that I was because I don't have health insurance and I didn't have sick or vacation accumulated because I am a newer employee being without work is a financial strain I am worried about my bills my rent and my family please consider us employees at sky harbor we make the difference at the airport please don't forget us

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    nora felix over 3 years ago

    My name is Nora Felix I work for HMS host for American Airlines as a club Attendant I address this comment to the city council by telling you have a feel being without a job it’s been almost four long moths I am concerned about my bills my rent and even worse now that HMS host stopped the insurance I am worried about my well being and also my family if you were in this situation you will want someone to do the same for please remember us employees that work hard to keep the airport running

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    Alexis Moore over 3 years ago

    My name is Alexis Moore I work for HMS host as a club attendant for American Airlines I am very worried about this situation going on with the companies Inside the airport how they are getting bailout and how we are staying without insurance worried if we are going to be able to pay our bills please don’t forget the airport workers we make a difference and so want to see a difference too

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    Maria Aldama over 3 years ago

    My name is Maria Guadalupe aldama I work for hms for 3 years as a cook for American airlines admirals club I am concerned that the companies are going to get a bailout but the employees are struggling right now without work without health insurance we don't even know when we are getting call to go back to work its almost 4 months please remember the airport employees that keep sky harbor running.