Meeting Time: June 16, 2020 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

2 Affordable Housing Strategy

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    Andie Abkarian almost 4 years ago

    The actionable Housing Phoenix plan put forth by the Housing Department provides a goal-oriented framework for city departments to address the needs of housing cost-burdened households. The current health and economic crises have further exposed the need for increased housing options for all household types and income groups. The nine initiatives in this plan are a great start. Thank you for supporting the plan.

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    TAMARA WRIGHT almost 4 years ago

    As an advocate who has worked in homelessness for almost a decade- I can tell you we need a robust and comprehensive local housing strategy. I enthusiastically support this Affordable Housing Strategy as a way to serve our most vulnerable community members and begin to close the significant gap of available affordable units to number of people needing them.

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    Gail Knight almost 4 years ago

    I applaud the City's efforts to increase affordable housing, however it is imperative that there is a holistic approach to this endeavor that will provide the opportunity for input from the targeted population and create public-private partnerships that will increase retail and transportation services to communities slated for affordable housing

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    Craig Tribken almost 4 years ago

    This is great. I hope the City will also look at what the next generation of housing will look like such as more congregate spaces, shared common areas, and such.

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    Sheila Harris almost 4 years ago

    As a long time advocate for housing that is affordable and Co-Chair of the Social & Housing Advancement Committee of Phoenix Community Alliance we enthusiastically support the report and are ready to assist with enactment of policies and procedures to expand affordable housing in Phoenix. City staff have regularly attended our meetings and actively participated in our diverse group of business, government, nonprofit and neighborhood leaders on this most important issue. We are ready to help.

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    Andy Wambach almost 4 years ago

    Our recent national crises have highlighted the absolute need for a comprehensive housing strategy. A stay at home order is only as good as a community's capacity to offer safe and affordable housing. The proposed housing strategy will help to address issues plaguing our growing number of vulnerable neighbors experiencing homelessness; in which there is disproportionate representation from Native American, Latin X, and Black communities. Please support for a stronger more equitable city.

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    Mark Roseland almost 4 years ago

    The need for a Phoenix affordable housing strategy could not be more clear: as this report demonstrates, we have a severe mismatch between housing costs, wages and income for the majority (65%) of our population. This draft Housing Phoenix plan is a thoughtful and well-considered response to that need. There could be no better time for this Council to demonstrate political will on this issue. Please give this plan your full support!

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    Brittany SweeneyLawson almost 4 years ago

    As someone who works closely with brain injury survivors, many of whom lose jobs and face homelessness as a result of their invisible disability, I strongly support the Affordable Housing Strategy. I receive so many calls from people who fall through the cracks and are unable to receive the services they need, housing being high at the top of the priority list. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live in affordable, accessible accommodations, and have a place they can call home.

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    Brian Cullinan almost 4 years ago

    Expand EcoNa programs where housing is offered at no more than 15% above median value. We need a Jubilee, it's been 65 years next year.

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    Joanna Carr almost 4 years ago

    We firmly believe that the solution to ending homelessness is the provision of safe, affordable housing. The consequence of no action will be felt through significant social and economic challenges which will undermine the growth and prosperity of the City. We firmly believe the Affordable Housing Initiative is a critical strategy for creating a fairer Phoenix where citizens have access to safe and affordable housing and all the opportunities, independence and financial freedoms that it brings.