Meeting Time: July 01, 2020 at 10:00am MST
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Agenda Item

32 Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Concessionaire Financial Relief (Ordinance S-46836)

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    Dorothy Stingley almost 4 years ago

    At our McDonald's restaurant in Sky Harbor we have and continue to fully employ our workforce. We are also providing PTO for COVID-related absences. Because we have remained open we are proud to pay percentage rent on the sales we have generated. Please provide relief from the MAG. Our current sales cannot support these costs based on full operations. May sales were -60% and June sales -50%. We are currently operating at a loss. Please help us to stay in business.

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    nora felix almost 4 years ago

    Don't continued to give rent relief to this companies what do we get of it we are affected too think about us too we need to feel secure at our work place not only them

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    Yaima Melgarejo almost 4 years ago

    They need to pay their fair share too! My rent is the same through this pandemic.

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    Nathan Pleger almost 4 years ago

    This pandemic has negatively impacted my personal finances too and as far as I know my landlord is not considering an adjustment to my monthly rent. Why is the Council considering welfare for billion-dollar multinational corporations?

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    Ziggy Yeghin almost 4 years ago

    Please think about the employees of these companies before approving more rent relief to them. What protections are there for us? I have worked at the airport 15 years and I am waiting to return to work. My sons have COVID, they got it from their job and now I do too being at home with them. It is not safe for me to come back yet.

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    Lucia Salinas almost 4 years ago

    Airport concessions do not need more money. What about airport employees?

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    Kellen Wilson almost 4 years ago

    Please do not continue to give financial relief to these companies. This is a huge revenue source for the City, one we can not lose. As a District 4 resident we need to refocus the attention of City's contracts to saving money and funding community programs.