Meeting Time: September 02, 2020 at 9:00am MST
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10 Maricopa Association of Governments Transportation Projects in Fiscal Years 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024

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    Gail Golec almost 3 years ago

    BLM is a self proclaimed Marxist organization. Why any elected official of OUR Capitalist REPUBLIC would honor a group of individuals dedicated to destroy America is beyond the scope of sanity. We must put American Virtues and Values first. America is the melting pot of the World. We love all people and their cultures. Bring them here. Share them. And be vigilantly loyal to America and All Americans First.

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    Tyler Grossman almost 3 years ago

    Do not do it , we don't need to encourage racial violence in our city . Let's love one another for who we are not what "color" we are. Arizona is a wonderful place don't do this in our city.

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    Mel Geer almost 3 years ago

    I oppose.

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    Linda Showers almost 3 years ago

    NO BLM MURALS IN OUR CITY! BLM is a self-proclaimed Marxist group, who wants to dismantle the nuclear family, as well as defund our Police, among other things (like loot and vandalize). This has NO place in our community, and will cause more division! EVERY LIFE MATTERS! Don't give in to pressure from the MOB. DON'T DEFACE OUR GREAT CITY!

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    Scott Brown almost 3 years ago

    Strongly support. Supporting the black community in no way diminishes others. Let Phoenix be a shining example of diversity and equality. Black lives do matter.

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    Jane Hendricks almost 3 years ago

    Arizona has a native American history and Mexican history...not a black history. If you are going to allow a mural it should be native American. Floyd is gone let's move on!

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    Beckie Staricek almost 3 years ago

    ALL LIVES MATTER. This is totally unnecessary and politically divisive. I oppose wholeheartedly.

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    Brad Petersen almost 3 years ago

    Do not turn our streets into a political war zone by inviting BLM (which has nothing to do with Black Lives and everything to do with destruction of society and unrest) into our community. These are tax funded streets should be neutral and not be turned into divisive war zones. We have seen nationwide that this type of program creates nothing but division chaos and destruction of cities and creates an unsafe environment that we do not want in our State!

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    Christy Anderson almost 3 years ago

    This is bad policy to politicize the public streets and open pandora's box for political messages destroying the beauty of our downtown and causing division with politically divisive messages. If you pass this to be placed in front of my property I will immediately apply for #ENDABORTIONNOW & #BLACKUNBORNBABIESMATTER right next to it.

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    Gregory Wilson almost 3 years ago

    If all black lives mattered to the BLM movement, then the huge numbers of black homicides in cities like Chicago would be an issue. Instead the focus is on the small number of homicides by rogue police officers, which in turn are blamed on the current administration. That makes BLM a political entity and NOT a legitimate civil rights organization. Based on this, defacing our streets with BLM should be denied.

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    laura jorden almost 3 years ago

    I am strongly opposed to any street mural which uses this organization’s name. I am 100% in favor of a mural for true unity and one which better reflects the citizens of Arizona. One which focuses on the beautiful blending of cultures here in Arizona and celebrating the African Americans, Latinos AND Native Americans along with all the other people who have made Arizona a wonderful place to live.

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    Karyn Mucci almost 3 years ago

    I am a Phoenix native and have lived in this beautiful city my whole life. I am strongly OPPOSED to a BLM mural in our city. By allowing this, it would only divide our city instead of unifying it. To say only Black Lives Matter instead of All Lives Matter is a disgrace to not only the amazing citizens of Phoenix, but Arizona as a whole. So if you want to allow a mural in our beautiful city, make it ALM or don’t do it at all. Please don’t divide one of the best cities in the United States!

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    Sharon Hume almost 3 years ago

    Sharon Hume SERIOIUSLY? I insist on a WHITE CITY STREET MURAL AS WELL! What don't you council member's get? WE ARE ALL ONE PEOPLE! Treat us like that! I can't come to the meeting for fear my opinion would get me killed, but I can voice my opinion, it still is a free nation, isn't it? BOTH BLACK OR WHITE MURALS WOULD BE RACIST! NO ONE HUNDERED TIMES NO!