Meeting Time: September 08, 2020 at 2:30pm MST
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1 COVID-19 Summer Updates

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    Autriya Maneshni over 3 years ago

    Hello! I am a student reporter for the Walter Cronkite school and I will be covering this event for one of my classes. If possible, is there a way for me to conduct interviews after the meeting with either an audience member or a councilmember? If so my number is 602-463-5353 and my email is Thank you!

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    Celia Contreras over 3 years ago

    The city of Phoenix must not have street murals because it is a hazard to drivers. Specifically, I do not support the mural that is being announced as "Black Lives Matter" a domestic terrorist organization that only has been associated with destruction and chaos throughout the nation. Phoenix must not make the same mistakes as other cities that have implemented this mural in their streets and have caused harm to citizens of these cities, this is purely a hate group that is inflicting harm.

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    Korintia Contreras over 3 years ago

    I am completely against street murals because it is a safety hazard; the streets were set up with specified markings to assist drivers with order and safety for all. It is by no means necessary nor essential to implement street murals, and I am disappointed that the thought of just placing a street mural specifically "Black Lifes Matter" a DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION that not only murdered people, but also destroyed businesses, and implanted chaos in our nation. Phx should not be associated

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    Carol Ketcherside over 3 years ago

    Thank you opening the park athletic fields, and for including measures in place to ensure activities take place as safely as possible. I understand you will discuss the topic further today. Please consider that you have not opened EVENT SPACES in the parks. I hope this is just an oversight. Jumping Chollas Agility Club uses park EVENT SPACE for canine agility competitions. As Show Chair for our Oct 24-25 event, I ask that you please add EVENT SPACE to your action taken last week.

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    Tony Rodriguez over 3 years ago

    I really feel that the Office of Accountability and Transparency is more of a personal agenda matter on behalf of "councelman" garcia and it should be defunded and disbanded. The police already have oversight. This "OAT" is a slap in the face to Phoenix. Free up money from the OAT and out it into the community. Garcia and Gallego are followers, not leaders. The real citizens of Phoenix are fed up. Get rid of the OAT and the liberal followers of the city so we can get it back to normal.