Meeting Time: November 17, 2020 at 1:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

2 Intergovernmental Agreement with Arizona State University for Services Associated with Police-Related Projects

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    B Thoi over 3 years ago

    ASU PD at ASU Downtown is a thinly veiled excuse to deepen the criminialization and surveillance in downtown Phoenix as part of a broader collaborative effort between ASU, City of Phoenix, and moneyed out of town developers to gentrify areas of Phoenix through violence and displacement.

    ASU students don't want ASU PD on their campus and Phoenix residents don't want ASU PD roaming our streets.

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    Camille Johnson over 3 years ago

    Phoenix PD should not be sharing its violent tactics with ASU PD - both police departments are harmful enough without collaborating with each other. And Phoenix PD should definitely not get $16,500 to train ASU police to become killers.

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    Jisoo Kim over 3 years ago

    ASU students are very concerned about the power of the ASU PD and see them as actors of harassment and brutality much like any other police force. We know that they have military grade equipment, which is unacceptable in any context, but especially on a college campus. To give any more money to ASU or ASU PD here is very difficult to justify. These are further attempts to reform the police, but as many students and the wider community have been saying for quite some time, reform is not possible.