Meeting Time: November 17, 2020 at 1:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

4 Phoenix Police Department Behavioral Health Response Approaches

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    B Thoi over 3 years ago

    Mental health and substance use disorder are MEDICAL issues and Phoenix PD has absolutely no business being involved in the provision of MEDICAL services to individuals in crisis, a job that should be left to trained and accredited MEDICAL professionals.
    A fully independent mental health crisis response team, working with local and state health agencies should be the answer, which could easily be funded if we decreased the bloated PPD budget justified through programs like these which cause harm

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    Jisoo Kim over 3 years ago

    The multitude of programs described here speaks to the great behavioral and mental health needs of the people of Phoenix. These initiatives read as belated attempts to reform the image of police, who have mistreated people in crisis for so long. Let us not buy into the idea that law enforcement is part of the solution here. They are simply “embedding” one or two licensed professionals here and there, while the city should wholly shift resources to those professionals instead.

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    Elizabeth Venable over 3 years ago

    The protection of people with disabilities should be of the upmost importance. However the police tend to do a terrible job at this and about 50% of people shot and killed by police have mental illness. Please hold your police responsible for a higher standard of work. I have personally experienced police while suicidal and while some teams with practitioners for mental health were responsive, other police were not. One said he was going to take my 75 year old father to 4th Ave Jail for suicide.

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    Kaye Thomas over 3 years ago

    I want to know PLEAs input on this.
    They need to be involved.
    Also start sending Drug Addicts to Narcotics Anonymous

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    Steven Moose over 3 years ago

    As long as Zero $$$ money comes out of the Police budget, and PLEA agrees to this, I support.
    If PLEA doesn't approve, I don't approve.
    I demand the Mayor and Council communicate with PLEA