Meeting Time: November 18, 2020 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

45 Adoption of a New Street Name to Replace Robert E. Lee Street (Ordinance S-47115)

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    Bailey Spears almost 3 years ago

    Yes, Robert E. Lee is a historical figure, but he is one we should be ashamed of, not honoring. I support the change to something we can take pride in.

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    Deck Park Resident almost 3 years ago

    How dare you change history. We oppose

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    Margie Kellim almost 3 years ago

    Robert E Lee is a historical figure whose name you would recognize today, if you have been taught American history, because he served as a General in the Civil War 160 years ago. His side lost and he is dead. It will not impact anyone’s life today if his name is removed from a street sign or kept on a street sign.

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    James Ha almost 3 years ago

    I strongly oppose. Who gives you the right to change History! This is unnecessary and unacceptable!

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    Steven Moose almost 3 years ago

    I completely disagree with this.
    Stop trying to change history.

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    Elizabeth almost 3 years ago

    Robert E. Lee was a person in the history of the United States of America where we all live. Instead of changing the street name, wouldn't it be more productive to talk about him, our history, and the lessons we as a nation have learned since then? Changing the name only teaches our kids to cover up or avoid truth that is challenging or painful instead of facing it. Actions like this remove opportunities to look at those times as milestones in our history when change for the good was fought for.