Meeting Time: December 02, 2020 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

32 Gated Alley Program Pilot - Expand Grant Funding Eligibility

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    Zona Michelena over 3 years ago

    We vote to expand the Gated Alley Program. Our family home is near 19th Avenue & Dunlap. In the last 8 years, we have increasing instances where we find people sleeping on the other side of our gate, empty alcohol bottles and evidence of drug use, defecation spread on the fence walls, screaming and arguing at all hours of the night, dumped bedbug-infested pieces of furniture, clothing and more, despite our regular efforts to keep our alley clean. There is a strong concern for health and safety.

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    Daniel Langmade over 3 years ago

    Please expand the gated alley program. My property is near 15th Ave and Van Buren and many homeless people are living in the alleys as well as defecating and urinating in the alleys, pulling out trash from the trash cans, using drugs and creating a health hazard. The gated alley program appears to be working well in other areas. My neighbors and I support the program. Thank you,

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    Michael Rodgers over 3 years ago

    I strongly support this program. It makes our neighborhoods SAFER and our properties more SECURE. Many of the alleys in our east Phoenix neighborhood are not being used for waste collection any longer, and a system to secure these alleys will curtail illegal dumping (a common occurrence in our area) as well as eliminating hiding places and un-monitored passageways for drug dealers and a landing place for drug users.

    Please approve this expansion. Thank you!

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    Rebecca Butcher over 3 years ago

    Please expand the alley gate program! I live near 19th Ave and Dunlap and the alleys are unseen highways for criminals to travel in our neighborhood. I've had tools, bikes and food stolen from my backyard, as well as years of illegal dumping in the alley. Parts of my neighborhood already has gates and it has stopped the criminal activity in the alleys. Please expand this program!

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    Laurel Langmade over 3 years ago

    Please expand the "Gated Alley Program". We have property next to the Zone of the Human Services Campus and the blocked alley ways have made a difference to decrease the amount of trash and human waste left behind by the inhabitants of the HSC. Other neighborhoods need these gates for their alleys too.