Meeting Time: December 09, 2020 at 9:00am MST
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Agenda Item

2 Authorization to Enter into an Agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture for Police Services

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    Amanda Salvione over 3 years ago

    Please quit expanding the role of police that already ineffectively do their job.

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    Jade B over 3 years ago

    I support. People are posting on Facebook selling food stamps, their at stores hitting people up all the time. Isn't this a Federal issue? Can't we get Feds in to help our Police. There's so many undocumented people obtaining food stamps and state benefits illegally. Why are working people allowed to have food stamps. No one is regulating this.

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    Timothea Haider over 3 years ago

    In these hard times, it would be a gross misuse of time and energy to put more focus on policing the activity of those already struggling to make ends meet.

    Because of the pandemic, thousands of people now find themselves out of a job and with very few resources. The last thing they need is more hoops to jump through to get SNAP or more policing on how they use it.

    It would be more worth your while to add more beds in the homeless shelters.

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    Margaret Shalley over 3 years ago

    I recently learned how rampant social benefits fraud is and its personal cost after a family member had their ID stolen and applications for public benefits filed using their SS#. It is NOT a victimless crime as some advocates would say, and it harms lives and livelihoods. Fraud investigations need to be properly funded and investigated to hold people accountable. If this means responsible agencies need to contract out for help and pay for these services, so be it.

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    Abbie J over 3 years ago

    Welfare fraud Snap, is through the roof. Everytime I walk in a convenient store, I'm bombarded with people trying to sell me their food stamps. The . 99 cent only store on Indian School and 12th Street.
    I see people at the grocery store, on Facebook bragging how they work and still can get food stamps. This is a huge problem in Phoenix, especially Downtown.

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    Taylor J over 3 years ago

    Yes we need Police help. We also need more Police and The Mayor and all council including Carlos Garcia 08, needs to communicate with Police.

    We need Federal Officers also working with our local PD.

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    Katie Krejci over 3 years ago

    We don't need police investigations of welfare fraud. It's not that common and we shouldn't be policing people more.