Meeting Time: December 09, 2020 at 9:00am MST
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Agenda Item

8 Overview of Police Disciplinary Review Board, Use of Force Board and the City Civil Service Board

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    Amanda Salvione over 3 years ago

    Police are not equipped to act as judge, jury and executioner. Use of force that even military would be in trouble for implementing in occupied regions pursuant to the Geneva Convention, certainly should not be acceptable at home on civilians. Time, distance, & cover are taught for a reason. Police must be held to a higher standard than a citizen - especially those who respond scared & think anyone with a gun in a state guns are allowed is a threat.

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    Jade B over 3 years ago

    Police need to use whatever force they require. You can't point a gun at a cop & expect not to get shot. We have civilians on the oversight committee already. We don't need another committee. Carlos/Mayor start communicating w/ PLEA. Carlos encourages criminal behavior. Worry about crime, drugs, seniors without food in your district! We need more police in crimes against children. Unless your a pedophile, you all want more police too! Allow Police to do their Job. Carlos do your job or quit!

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    Timothea Haider over 3 years ago

    The police can not be allowed to police themselves! There is no "good" amount of force when protecting and serving the public. To say there is when there are people dying at the hands of police every day in this nation is blind incompetence.

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    Margaret Shalley over 3 years ago

    Nice overview of all the mechanisms already in place for investigations involving sworn and civilian police employees. No need for an OAT.

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    Cole LarsonWhittaker over 3 years ago

    There is no level of force that is acceptable for Phx PD to use. PLEA is a cancer of corruption.

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    Abbie J over 3 years ago

    I demand that The Mayor Communicates with PLEA, as well as the entire City Council.
    I support Phoenix PD & they need to make the decision what type of use of force they need.
    I want to know why Carlos Garcia and Mayor Kate are intentionally refusing to communicate with PLEA. I think we deserve an answer. We transparency in regards to this serious problem!

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    Taylor J over 3 years ago

    Allow Police to determine what they need to do!