Meeting Time: December 09, 2020 at 9:00am MST
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Agenda Item

9 Street Racing Laws and Phoenix City Code Options to Address Street Racing and Street Corner Takeovers in the City of Phoenix

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    Monique Bontrager over 3 years ago

    Street racing happens all day and night. They have added gun fire, motors that are violating noise ordinances and the drifting, racing is already against the law.
    Work with the local law enforcement to increase patrols to enforce the laws and ordinances that are already in place, we need more officers on the street before innocent lives are lost. No regard to pedestrians, they speed, run lights, destroy personal property. Stop it now and be nice to our officers who are here to protect ALL!!

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    Jade B over 3 years ago

    This needs to stop. Bring in the Marshal's, Sheriff's Department, or National Guard. We don't have enough Police to patrol our City. We need council and Mayor supporting our Police, with PSAs going out to Join PD. Carlos needs to do this as well, or be required to step down. He encourages criminal behavior, ignores all crimes in his district. We aren't safe. Do what's ever necessary. Make this a Felony! Send a message this is not acceptable!

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    Margaret Shalley over 3 years ago

    I support any additional measures that can be implemented to curb this dangerous activity.