Meeting Time: April 15, 2021 at 5:30pm MST
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    Eva Valencia about 2 years ago

    I don't support the proposed Phx PD's budget--doing so only enables a department that is indifferent to the suffering it continues to cause in our communities. Councilmembers, this budget should not be passed until the process for MOU negotiations becomes fully public.
    Redirect police funds to support much needed services in our communities: a new crisis support program; housing (low barrier shelter); free transportation; bus-only lanes; rehab facility; and climate change mitigation. Gracias.

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    Tom Coffeen about 2 years ago

    I am a Phoenix native in District 4. Respectfully, the police are over-budgeted and under-accountable. Most of their budget should go instead to truly help community health and safety: E.g., Provide $15 million for the Crisis Response Program; No to $10 million for a “Crime Suppression Squad”; No to 75 new Phoenix police civilian positions. Fund the community instead! E.g., free transit and bus-only lanes; more rehabilitation services; low barrier-to-entry shelter and housing support. Thank you.

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    Claire Redfield about 2 years ago

    Defund the police. We need to be funding COVID relief now not putting more funding into systems that are not serving the people. With the same $15 million you could use that to pay for a new crisis response program and other initiatives such as:
    Free transportation and bus only lanes
    Rehabilitation services and a center in West Phoenix
    Low barrier shelter/ housing support
    We need a transparent process that is actually serving all of us. Thank you.

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    Wil Meister about 2 years ago

    We don't need more money and 75 new civilian positions to "evaluate policies and practices" for police reform. Previous recommendations have been ignored, and the Office of Accountability and Transparency has been stalled out by city council. Especially now that marijuana is legal, we can repurpose $10 million from the PHX police crime suppression squad into free public transportation, resources for addiction and substance abuse, and low barrier housing/shelter support.

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    Corraima Samaniega Ochoa about 2 years ago

    Defund police and invest in what actually makes us feel safe physically and mentally, invest in mental health resources especially in communities mainly made up of minorities. Help us by fixing the mental health issues that at times even these police you’re funding create.

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    Catherine Heywood about 2 years ago

    With the legalization of marijuana, arrests by Phoenix police MUST decrease by several thousand arrests per year. This means that they should cut the number of officers employed by the Phoenix PD and reallocate that money to free public transit, bus only lanes, resources for addiction and substance abuse, and low barrier shelter and housing support.

    Police do not keep us safe. Community resources keep people safe. Reallocate resources where they are genuinely needed and effective.

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    Pamela Tracy about 2 years ago

    I am a resident of District 8 in support of the park at 55th Ave and a Samantha Way in Laveen. Please add the construction and maintenance of this park to this year’s budget. My family and I have lived facing this empty lot for 14 years. It’s time to make this a usable green space for the residents this Community.

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    Frank Dever about 2 years ago

    Resident of district 8 asking the council to please include 156,000 in the budget to fund maintenance of a new park at 55th Ave & Samantha

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    Jeremiah Beltran about 2 years ago

    Please fund the park at 55th Ave and Samantha Way. With so many families spending quality time with one another outdoor play and community building is certainly a priority right now . Thank you .

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    Dusenge Gloria about 2 years ago

    Community must have a direct say in the $400 million in covid relief money coming to phx. This money needs to fund the people and resources that have been hit hardest by the pandemic. Using covid funds for police bonuses or to grow the police budget harms our collective recovery by denying resources to those most impacted. This money needs to be used for things like housing assistance, public transportation, healthcare, vaccine distribution, income support, and childcare assistance.

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    jennifer Hernandez about 2 years ago

    Phoenix police arrest thousands of people every year for marijuana possession. Now that marijuana is legal, arrests by Phoenix police must decrease by several thousand arrests per year, meaning they should cut the number of officers employed by the department and reallocate that money to:
    Free public transportation and bus only lanes
    Resources for addiction and substance use, rehabilitation center
    Low barrier shelter/ housing support

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    Patricia Ewanski about 2 years ago

    I applaud the inclusion of $2.8M for Climate Change and Heat Readiness initiatives to increase the community’s capacity to prepare for and respond to both extreme heat events and the increasing frequency of high temperature days; increase shade canopy and ensure equitable distribution of City services. I support and hope to see the investment in climate, sustainability, environmental and equity leadership and programs continue as a permanent and critical part of the City’s operations.

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    Rebecca Denis about 2 years ago

    We need funding for resources that will address the root of so many systemic issues. We need free public transportation, a rehabilitation center in West Phoenix, low barrier shelter/ housing support, and a new crisis program. The council should reject this current budget as its completely unbalanced and neglectful. Any raises to the police budget, which is the most well funded department in our city is a slap in the face to the people in our city. Reinvest in the people and DEFUND THE POLICE!

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    Ainsley Angounou about 2 years ago

    Please add the $156,000 needed to maintain the park at 55th Ave and Samantha to the 2021-22 budget. We need to make outdoor play and community building a priority right now . Thank you .

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    yuvixa dominguez about 2 years ago

    no more money to killer cops. more money for the people ! we need better things. public transportation is crucial to needing change. more rehab centers and better homeless facilities for people because mental health is important. better streets also. what are cops gonna do? they’re not taking people to work/ school. they’re not fixing our streets. no more special protections for police forces. no more secret negotiations with police. be with the people !

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    Veronica Baca about 2 years ago

    I am in support of building the park on 55th ave and Samantha. I have 3 children and need a park we can safely walk to. The nearest park is 3 miles away. This is unacceptable. Please build a park for our children .

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    Linda Abegg about 2 years ago

    Please add the $156,000 needed to maintain the park at 55th Ave and Samantha to the 2021-22 budget. This is an area of extreme growth and we need the City of Phoenix to make that growth responsible and sustainable by building needed infrastructure. We have paid into the impact fee fund to construct this park; please support the maintenance.

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    Emily ONeil about 2 years ago

    No new money for the cop force that kills, injures and harms Black, Latino and Indigenous community members. This is a city we want to raise families in without fear of being arrested or shot by police, one that funds mental health resources, provides housing for all, values community spaces and does not bend over backwards to protect a violent department with special protections for cops in MOUs.

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    Sarah Ford about 2 years ago

    Divest from the bloated policing budget to actually fund what our community needs: free transportation, bus-only lanes, rehab services and a rehab center in West Phoenix, low barrier shelter and housing support. Divest from Phoenix PD starting with divesting $10 million from the violent and unaccountable "crime suppression squad" who kill and harm our community members esp. BIPOC! Divest $15mil from PhxPD budget to create the vital Crisis Response team with mental health PROFESSIONALS Phx needs

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    MK Zeeb about 2 years ago

    no more money for police violence and corruption. shift these resources into real health, real safety, real justice. you know the truth. you know what is the right thing to do. do it, please.