Meeting Time: August 25, 2021 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

147 (CONTINUED FROM JULY 1, 2021) - Public Hearing and Ordinance Adoption - Rezoning Application Z-49-20-3 - Located Approximately 970 Feet North of the Northeast Corner of 34th Street and Sweetwater Avenue (Ordinance G-6871)

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    Fr Arseny Aziz almost 3 years ago

    Opposed for the following reasons:
    1. Unclear plan, too many changes, inconsistent objective:
    1. Initial letter spoke of 14-17 dwelling units with 2 levels of care, later meetings proposed 40-50 units, we were told yesterday that its back to 14 with 3 levels of care. This is a significant difference and difficult to understand what the final product will have? How does this not affect the owner’s entire business model, cost of construction and ROI?
    (Continued due to character limitation)

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    Fred and Lynda Morley almost 3 years ago

    The proposed development plan is too flexible & does not guarantee neighbors what facility type will be constructed. Fedzin has history of building & selling past projects. When asked if he retained or sold past developments (P 402) he claimed he maintains. On 7/22 Fedzin’s rep stated he had sold all but 3 (of which his ex-wife runs 2). If this re-zoning passes, any community residence center product type including sober house or mental health center will be allowed. We oppose.