Meeting Time: September 15, 2021 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

63 Amend City Code - Ordinance Adoption - Rezoning Application PHO-2-21--Z-59-08-3 - Northeast Corner of 19th Avenue and Cactus Road (Ordinance G-6893)

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    Jeannie Oosterwyk about 2 years ago

    Along with trying to remove current land requirements on this preserve-bordering land, the ARC project owner also intends to apply for a grading waiver. This rezoning opens the way to the mountain being defaced and a large substance abuse and detox center being located near the vulnerable senior population at Fellowship Square where my 91 year old mother-in-law lives. Having "resort"-type amenities doesn't change that this is the wrong location for the project. Please don't allow this rezoning.

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    Rick McCutcheon about 2 years ago

    This is not a good site for this rehab center!! My 93 year old Mom lives in Fellowship Square just south of there along with hundreds of other extremely vulnerable seniors! Needless to say most of them are on prescription medications, some of which may be desirable to those suffering from drug dependency! A substance abuse treatment and detox center should not be located this close to a Senior Community!!!! Please don’t let this project move forward!!!! Was a notice of public hearing posted?

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    Nancy Brown about 2 years ago

    I reside at Fellowship Square Phoenix - about 550 mostly elderly residents. This is a vulnerable population that deserves every effort to ensure their safety and comfort. Additionally, the residents at the AHC facility receiving care deserve every effort to remove “temptation” during their recovery – temptations which would certainly be present if they chose to prey on our population of elderly residents in relation to monetary requests or attempts to obtain resident’s medications.

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    Lindsey Arrey about 2 years ago

    Over 550 seniors currently live on our senior living campus, whose average age is 87. Seniors are a vulnerable population, and some take medications that could be desirable to those suffering from addiction. Our nursing center has a large number of controlled substances on the premises, and while all drugs are stored in a secure dispensing machine, we do not believe it is in anyone’s best interest for a substance abuse treatment center to be located less than 0.5 mile from a community like ours.