Meeting Time: October 12, 2021 at 2:30pm MST
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2 Phoenix Climate Action Plan

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    Lori Singleton over 2 years ago

    Arizona Forward is pleased to have the City of Phoenix as a long time member who clearly is a leader in environmental stewardship. Arizona Forward supports the adoption of a Climate Action Plan that continues the transition to clean energy, reduces the heat island, increases the electrification of transportation and other important measures to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for the community. We look forward to working with the City to implement this plan.

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    Brock Tunnicliff over 2 years ago

    Plan includes laudable goals but lacks details for achieving them. Annual reporting process should update the action matrix expanded to include one or more columns to show progress, including percent of progress, towards goals. Annually assess continuing relevance of goals and update goals as needed. Need more emphasis on increasing the albedo of infrastructure; eliminate dark roofs and other surfaces.

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    Jon Ford over 2 years ago

    Arizona Forward endorses and supports the Phoenix Climate Action Plan. As others have commented, the time is now to act and respond to our climate challenges. This is an important, multi-faceted plan that will only get better as its implementation is informed by stakeholders and the communities it is helping to support.

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    Bailey Reynolds over 2 years ago

    I would like to commend the city for increasing its goal of 30 cool corridors to 100 cool corridors by 2030 and urge city council to vote in support of the Climate Action Plan for the City of Phoenix. This plan presents an exciting opportunity for Phoenix to address environmental issues while increasing economic opportunities. As a desert city in the epicenter of the climate crisis, we need this plan to guide the way we tackle deadly heat, rising energy costs, poor air quality, and drought.

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    Jackie Rich over 2 years ago

    Phoenix’s Climate Action Plan is an important step towards achieving carbon neutrality. Even more crucial than adopting this plan will be the funding, staffing, and implementation of actions that reduce and eliminate greenhouse gases, stretch our limited water supplies, and make Phoenix as cool and shady as possible. Your decisions will determine whether Phoenix will be livable in the future. Thank you.

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    Erick Nieto over 2 years ago

    I am in support of the passing of this Climate Action Plan. Passing this plan will ensure that we can continue to live in Phoenix sustainably as well to be prepared for the heat waves that we will be experiencing in the near future. I also applaud the efforts to incentivize residents of the valley to switch from grass to desert landscapes. And please, it is a no brainer that we need to be the leader of solar. Pass this plan ASAP!

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    Char Hoffman over 2 years ago

    Kudos on this plan! We have no time to wait. The time to act is now if we hope to pass along a livable and sustainable planet to the next generations. I just wish more cities and states would be as forward looking. Please adopt this Plan.

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    JO KONTZER over 2 years ago

    Your climate plan is wonderful...kudos for your outstanding work. Please pass it without delay. Every day counts when we are discussing climate change.

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    Claire Warden over 2 years ago

    Support for 2021 Climate Action Plan by the Office of Environmental Programs is essential for the City of Phoenix to survive and thrive in future years. As a resident of District 7, I fully support this plan and hope that it is funded to successfully achieve the outlined goals. The faster these goals are achieved (hopefully before 2050), the better outcome of our city in relation to climate change.

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    Elizabeth kieran over 2 years ago

    #1. greater emphasis and action on converting subunits of Phoenix to car-free community zones and ensuring safe city design to protect pedestrians, bicyclists, skaters, and scooters from cars for sforage and enjoyable commutes. 

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    charles allen over 2 years ago

    I fully support this plan. it is essential to layout the steps needed to address climate mitigation and adaption. Phoenix is already experiencing some of the negative impacts of climate change. we must be engaged in the solution for a net zero carbon world or we will see even more, serve impacts in the next few years.