Meeting Time: October 20, 2021 at 10:00am MST
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Agenda Item

10 Comprehensive Roadway Safety Update

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    Cory Kincaid over 2 years ago

    It is time to take action with policies that can meaningfully improve the safety of everyone who utilizes the City's transportation network and infrastructure. Inclusion of Vision Zero formally within the City's approach to roadway safety is an overdue and necessary step to address the sustained death toll and rate of crash and injury created by our current and past street designs. Please take action today in support of Vision Zero.

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    Darin Hughes over 2 years ago

    I almost neglected to vocalize support for a Vision Zero approach, but my bike commute this morning included a mild reminder in the form of four drivers blowing through red lights. From a safety and access perspective, Phoenix's roadways are an absolute mess of dangerous speedway and poor human-oriented engineering, and measures must be taken to mitigate the serious shortcomings of spaces designed only as car-oriented transportation corridors.

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    Mitchell Willard over 2 years ago

    Let’s finally address our deadly streets that have, time and again, been subjected to national scrutiny. Vision Zero is our ticket. Let’s lead by example and set the standard for streets that are comfortable, safe, proportional, and inclusive for all forms of transportation. Support Vision Zero!

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    Kyle Niemier over 2 years ago

    Encouraging alternative modes of transportation promotes the growth, advancement, and sustainability of Phoenix into the future. Please support Vision Zero to protect the lives of those who support our city by traveling alternatively.

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    Daniel Crook over 2 years ago

    Great cities support pedestrians and non vehicular traffic. Will Phoenix be a great city too with programs such as Vision Zero? Let's make non-vehicular traffic a viable option.

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    James Schoch over 2 years ago

    Support for Vision Zero is definitely needed at this time to move forward into a positive direction for our city to become a better place.

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    Gregory Breeden over 2 years ago

    Vision Zero would give residents the peace of mind to be able to move through our beautiful city the way it deserves to be, rather than stay beholden to the illusion of car rights above human lives.

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    R Kyle Foxcroft over 2 years ago

    Phoenix is long overdue for adoption of a plan that protects all Phoenicians, regardless of how they move about our City. This plan will begin to address long standing inequities between those who get around by car vs all other modes. Please support the adoption of this plan.

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    Daniel Davis over 2 years ago

    I’m a doctor in Phoenix who has worked in both the hospital setting and the outpatient setting. The burden of traffic violence is heavy on my patients. I’ve seen many patients die in collisions, but I’ll always remember watching a 14 year old die in John C Lincoln. She was stuck by a car on a stroad in N PHX. A victim of backwards planning practices by this government. Her parents and friends didn’t deserve this... We have blood on our hands.

    Vision Zero is our shot at redemption.

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    David Sokolowski over 2 years ago

    I serve on Tempe's Transportation commission and would like to see Phoenix join us in our goal for vision zero, so residents can safely travel between our cities and benefit from all the great things our region has to offer. a vision zero goal would compliment all of the great investments that Phoenix has made in bike and pedestrian infrastructure in recent years. thank you.