Meeting Time: December 08, 2021 at 9:30am MST
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Agenda Item

6 2022 State and Federal Legislative Agendas

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    Kena McClure over 2 years ago

    "Senate Bill 1824, legislation signed by the Governor on June 30, and with Arizona Revised Statute 36-787, which does not provide any authority to a city, town or county to implement vaccination mandates." I support our health freedoms as protected by our State and Federal Constitution. For every citizen.

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    Veteran Sissy over 2 years ago

    I fully support all Law Enforcement and Fire, along with all employees of the City to be mandated to be vaccinated.
    I don't want an officer or fireperson coming to my home infecting my baby. My family is in Law Enforcement and they've all been vaccinated. It's pure insanity for anyone to refuse it.

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    Kathleen Finke over 2 years ago

    I oppose any federal or state mandate for the vaccine. We will lose valuable people that serve our community by imposing a vaccine mandate. Please consider all other options
    Kathleen Finke