Meeting Time: December 08, 2021 at 9:30am MST
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7 Police Department Staffing Discussion

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    Madyson M over 2 years ago

    We need more police. Period. After the way police have been treated, specifically by our own city council (Carlos Garcia!) it is amazing ANYONE signs up for the job, even after the lowered hiring standards. $7,500 for a retention payment is insulting. Do better than that! These are the same officers who also didn’t get a raise for almost a decade and risk their health, and lives and sacrifice family time every single day. Also, having an able bodied officer at a desk for DDP is a terrible idea.

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    Veteran Sissy over 2 years ago

    All City Council members and the Mayor need to Publicly post on all social media platforms to recruit for more Police. All. If they don't, we'll never get the proper public safety we need. Carlos needs to help recruit. If you want more black and brown officers, then start promoting it. We aren't safe in District 08 or 07. And I don't see either council person doing anything to help improve this. We need more Police. It's your fault they're leaving.

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    Michael Riggs over 2 years ago

    Poor decisions from City Hall have left what was once a first-class police department in shambles and a shell of its former self while the city continues to grow exponentially. Sending overworked detectives to patrol is like putting a band-aid on a sucking chest wound. Those of you supporting anti-police/defund the police activists need to own and accept what your actions have led to. The majority of us support the police and want a safe community for everyone to live and work in.