Meeting Time: January 26, 2022 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

47 Hornady Amax Tap Ammunition - Requirements Contract - IFB 17-086A (Ordinance S-48275)

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    Kaitlin Cain about 2 years ago

    I do NOT support allocating $45,000 for ammunition to an overfunded and underperforming police department.

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    michelle Del Mundo about 2 years ago

    Hi this is Minnie and I am the co founder of Intersect Maricopa. I am very furious! The Phoenix Police are overfunded. They are harassing our unhousing people at the park - Cortez Park especially - and wrote tickets for nothing that got tossed and threw peoples belongings out. They even almost arrested people for no reason. The unhousing people are very innocent people. I have to protect their safety. I have to take the action for them because time after time the City does nothing to help.

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    Jessica Spencer about 2 years ago

    The police do not need more funds. They're OVERFUNDED. Why do I constantly see them harassing people that are houseless while they claim to be understaffed?? I do street outreach of my own time and volition because the city is failing to help its most disadvantaged citizens and instead chooses to throw money at the police so they can continue to make things worse for us all!!

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    Cynthia McWhorter about 2 years ago

    I do not believe we should be giving more money to a trigger-happy police department that shoots first and asks questions later. They are already over-funded, extremely violent and underperform constantly when it comes to keeping marginalized people in this community safe.