Meeting Time: January 26, 2022 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

48 Police Duty Gear - Requirements Contract - NPPGov VH11603 (A) (Ordinance S-48284)

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    michelle Del Mundo about 2 years ago

    Hi, this is Minnie. I am the cofounder of Intersect Maricopa. I am not thrilled what the police department gets the funds instead of giving some grants to organizations to help unhousing people to get their life back on.

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    Kaitlin Cain about 2 years ago

    $315,000 for military grade NVS and glock holsters should not be given to an already overfunded and underperforming police department.

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    Jessica Spencer about 2 years ago

    The police do not need more funds. They're OVERFUNDED. Why do I constantly see them harassing people that are houseless while they claim to be understaffed?? I do street outreach of my own time and volition because the city is failing to help its most disadvantaged citizens and instead chooses to throw money at the police so they can continue to make things worse for us all!!

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    Cynthia McWhorter about 2 years ago

    Phoenix police department does not need more funding to purchase military grade NVS and Glock holsters. This extremely violent department is over-funded and constantly underperforms when it comes to keeping marginalized members of the community safe. The police is not the military. Stop enabling them.