Meeting Time: January 26, 2022 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

73 (CONTINUED FROM JAN. 5, 2022) - Public Hearing and Ordinance Adoption - Amend City Code - Rezoning Application Z-69-20-6 (Autem Row PUD) - Approximately 300 Feet West of the Northwest Corner of 16th Street and Maryland Avenue (Ordinance G-6943)

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    Karen Gresham over 2 years ago

    Please do not block the bike lanes with trash cans or parked cars. Maryland is one of few streets in the city with bike lanes, which is the safest way for cyclists to ride. Riding around cars or any object is dangerous. In addition, students use these lanes to get to and from nearby schools. We need to keep the neighborhood feel in this area despite the high density. Please deny this application as is until adequate space for parking and trash is secured on site.

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    Sarah Entz over 2 years ago

    The developer intends to place 30 trash cans, multiple times a week, in the bike lane on Maryland. This causes significant safety issues. It is hazardous to bicyclists using the Sonoran Bike Path. The cans will not only cause the bicyclists to swerve into traffic, the trash itself will spill into the traffic lanes, and the collection trucks will block traffic multiple times a week. There is not enough room in front of the property, meaning cans will be placed in front of adjacent properties.