Meeting Time: February 16, 2022 at 10:00am MST
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Agenda Item

17 Consideration of Citizen Petition Related to Action Items on Procedures for Unsheltered Residents

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    Julie Gunnigle over 1 year ago

    Our unsheltered neighbors deserve to be treated with dignity. Criminalizing houselessness, harassing people, and disposing of their property are neither humane nor sustainable solutions to the crisis in affordable housing. This petition is a necessary first step toward examining evidence-based solutions and redirecting resources toward infrastructure that meets the urgent needs of our unsheltered residents. Simply put: you cannot police and prosecute your way out of this crisis.

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    S Heck over 1 year ago

    Our residents who become homeless deserve the respect and support of our community as expanded resources are created to solve capacity for transitional shelter and housing security. I support the volunteer work of Stacey Champion through this petition to improve and solve homelessness.

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    Jeff Lane over 1 year ago

    I am in full support of this Citizen’s Petition and wholeheartedly support all items contained within it. Our city is growing faster than any other in America and it’s past time leadership properly addresses the issues that come along with growth too. Basic human necessities should be a priority, especially if the City isn’t taking a proactive approach at providing mental health and shelter svcs to actually meet the demands we are seeing. This is a “Win Win” for our neighbors and our homeless!

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    Johanna Haygood over 1 year ago

    In the absolute best interest of our community I support this citizen petition.

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    Rachel Parker over 1 year ago

    It'd take deep ignorance to not see how the current approach is ineffective in addressing this concern. Funds would be better used providing resources to take care of our community, rather than criminalize them. I live downtown + care for my houseless neighbors. A lack of shelters + resources, endless sweeps + displacement doesn't mean an end to the unhoused. It means urine soaked sidewalks, unwashed belongings strewn about, and worst, more unnecessary trauma for my neighbors. Do more, please.

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    Marsha Cazares over 1 year ago

    If there are resources to finance anti-unsheltered folks' architecture (signs, poles, chains), and manpower to harass and arrest unsheltered folks and the neighbors who provide them relief, then there exists resources for this petition. The Community has had enough of the complacency and outright hostility demonstrated by those in power - the heat is coming and people will perish by lack of action on your part. Low barrier shelter, water stations, bathrooms, PPE and cleaning supplies NOW.

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    Eric Brickley over 1 year ago

    I have seen the effects of "Sweeps" and the harm it causes. The actions of the city workers and the unpredictable and often damaging wake-up calls by the police keep folks living adjacent to unsheltered services in shock, who are often suffering PTSD. The constant inability to maintain a work schedule because of the disruption caused by these clean up events keep folks who are interested in reestablishing themselves from doing so. These sweeps are harmful for the unhoused and neighbors.

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    Jessica Spencer over 1 year ago

    As a resident of the city of phoenix, Navy Veteran GI BILL student attending ASU, and a street outreach volunteer with our houseless populations, I support this petition and everything included within it. I am continuously encountering traumatic situations that our people are suffering due to the misplaced funding, programs, and consideration given to our houseless neighbors. This community is growing everyday in an alarming matter, and the city MUST RESPOND & STOP HARRASSING THE UNHOUSED.

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    Leeann Dunton over 1 year ago

    As a City of Phoenix resident, I wholeheartedly support this citizens petition & the considerations contained within it. There are not enough shelter beds in the city to support the number of unhoused residents, so individuals are forced to live on the street. The very least the city can do is provide these individuals with basic sanitation resources such as bathrooms, hand-washing stations, and trash receptacles. The sweeps and displacement of these individuals MUST stop.