Meeting Time: October 12, 2022 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item


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    Dawn Augusta over 1 year ago

    Im registered nurse, wellness professional & community dev advocate. Allocating city $ for privatesecurity to monitor unsheltered ppl is a poor allocation of valuable resources.Sets precedent: that it is theCity's duty to patrol ALL public places-creating ever expanding need to move ppl to next unwelcomed site.Link arms privte/nonprfit- spend resources expanding EFFECTIVE recoveryhousingsolutions.Support strategies prevent flow of illegal substances inourcommunities-a more sagacious use of $

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    Michelle Meyer over 1 year ago

    These funds should be used for solutions to reduce the numbers of those forced onto the street. Sneaking this agenda item in is a dirty play. The people of PHX see this human crisis growing and you council people doing nothing about it except for hire more muscle to harass people, or completely ignore it. This money needs to go towards avenues that will truly help the unsheltered people, not to those that will criminalize them.