Meeting Time: October 14, 2020 at 8:30am MST
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4 Police Use of Force Policy Changes

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    Amanda Leach over 3 years ago

    While this policy change addresses part of the call for action Phoenix has asked for, it is PERFORMATIVE and does not address police intimidation, harassment, and agitation at PEACEFUL protests. PPD is trained using baseless, racist statistics like "Black people are more dangerous than white people". Start examining the SOURCE of the issue and why officers ACT the way they do. While I support the Phoenix police not using excessive force in any situation, I oppose because this isn't enough.

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    Chelsea Hickok over 3 years ago

    Police have wasted over $12M in taxpayer dollars by saturating peaceful marches with expensive equipment and hundreds of extra officers. The majority of arrests made get dismissed, which is PROOF this just a tactic to waste tax dollars to line the pockets of cops. We must end the opportunistic partnership formed by PPD and MCA Allister Adel that has led to corruption at every step of the process. She's doing anything she can to keep an office that was literally handed to her. PPD must do better.

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    Benjamin Lewis over 3 years ago

    Phoenix PD agreed at the beginning of this pandemic to cite and release and not JAIL but despite that promise they have made hundreds of arrests, consolidating over 200 people in holding cells at once. This is a dangerous violation of CDC guidelines and an attempt to squash first amendment rights. Excessive Force can ONLY be used to violate our right to a fair and impartial trial. The minute force is used an officer is circumventing our justice system. We must hold our officers accountable NOW.

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    Karen Olson over 3 years ago

    20 days till Election Day, PHX City Council shows the People of PHX who their priority is once again: the PHX Police. People are out in the streets, risking our lives to fight FOR racial justice. Now months later, with lost lives and millions of dollars wasted on police overtime pay, we the people are offered policy reform? What will reform do for protesters that continue to be put in jail during a pandemic? What will reform do for those targeted by police? Who is accountable here? No one.

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    Annalisa Cardon over 3 years ago

    During peaceful marches, Phoenix police spent over 12 million taxpayer dollars on equipment and extra officers. They made hundreds of arrests, but most of the charges were dismissed. Phoenix police are incentivized to silence the voices calling for defunding.

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    Jade B over 3 years ago

    I Support changes except:
    We're Police consulted on this?
    I'd like to know if they agreed to this. We're both unions involved in this decision?
    What if they need to use force to get the criminal (s)
    I think this should be passed today, and further Police decisions need to be made with actual Police involved.
    I'm so proud of our Police for keeping us safe, we just need more. It's not safe for a woman to walk around day or night. Council and Mayor needs to address this.

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    Steven Moose over 3 years ago

    I support changes, but there needs to be a clause if officers need to use excessive force, choke hold or anything they need, they can. I'm an African American man and I back the blue. Mayor and Council, start respecting our hero's, it's rude at best and bad form.

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    Tracy Thomason over 3 years ago

    Putting a policy down on paper means little when police misconduct is routinely excused or met with an inconsequential slap on the wrist. Consistent and commensurate accountability should be prioritized. Keep peaceful protesters out of jail.

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    Vanessa DiCarlo over 3 years ago

    12M in taxpayer dollars wasted on drowning peaceful marches with expensive equipment and hundreds of extra officers stalking peaceful protesters. In light of COVID putting these peaceful protesters in jail increasing the risk for POC to contract COVID. This was a clear attempt to to induce intimidation. While these protesters charges were dismissed, putting our community in jail to creates superspreaders. This is violence. You are not protecting our community. Policy=Weak. Please do better!

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    Daryl Handler over 3 years ago

    Police need to be allowed to use force when necessary.
    Was PLEA consulted on this. I want Them to be involved in all decision making process first, then brought to council for a vote. This needs to be tabled, and Plea needs input on what works best. myself and all my family, co workers, friends and neighbors feel the same way. I want Kate and the new Mayor communicating with Plea & all council members, especially Carlos Garcia.

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    Clara Cieniawski over 3 years ago

    These policies do not create any mechanisms for holding police accountable which really makes me think that these changes are going to be future polices that police break when brutalizing and murdering BIPOC Phoenix residents. My demands are as follows: Stop arresting people during a pandemic, stop allowing PHX PD to waste over $12 BILLION dollars by allowing cops to work overtime to target protestors, and END the political persecution and targeting of community activists and leaders.

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    Bailey Spears over 3 years ago

    This proposed policy change is a political facade as it speaks nothing to enforcement of and accountability to follow these rules. Based on historical data of police brutality and current, ongoing police violence against peaceful protesters, we know that we can't rely on cops to abide by the words on a piece of paper. Nor can we trust the effectiveness trainings, especially those that are one-time or non-mandatory. The community isn't asking to have box ticked. We're demanding effective reform.

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    Rebecca Denis over 3 years ago

    The major thing that stood out to me in these policy changes is that there was nothing defining what would happen when officers don’t follow these policies. Without a direct and clear process addressing police misconduct against these policies, these changes are just words. Words can’t change an abusive department that has a history of racism and targeting POC and lower income communities, these policies are meant to pacify those of us who want a complete overhaul of our public safety system.

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    Lola Levesque over 3 years ago

    These changes to the use of force policy are nonsense. You can’t stop racist cops from killing people because you change a line item in a policy - as if the other killings have just been because they didn’t have the right policies. This department can’t be trusted when its own chief is *known* for choking people out. A meaningful change would be to:

    What we heard from PPD today is nonsense. As usual.

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    Nina Alonso over 3 years ago

    First of all, why not mandatory in person trainings of the new changes? Why not use funding for mandatory EMT trainings for all cops who carry weapons? Why not have a professionally trained EMT ride along with the officer as a safety measure and accountability? If we have extra money to spend, spend it on training our officers correctly- spend it on precautions that keep people safe during the virus and protests i.e. cops handing out PPE instead of petty arrests. Who’s holding cops accountable?

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    Kelly Kwok over 3 years ago

    This is not enough. We need to keep each other safe. PPD targeting and arresting innocent protesters puts the whole city at risk for more spread of covid. PPD is violent. It’s clear PPD is getting nowhere since the judges dismiss cases. $12M on overtime for PPD is $12M too much. Stop prioritizing the pockets of PPD over the lives of the people you represent. Stop letting MCA Adel and PPD collude. Stop allowing their attempt to silence the movement.

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    Jennifer Thomas over 3 years ago

    I was happy with law enforcement doing their jobs before this was changed. At times use of force is necessary. Stop breaking the laws, Carlos Garcia, you told people to get arrested on your Facebook page. You shouldn't be allowed to be on city council. Your a dangerous person. You don't understand law enforcement, you know how to break laws.
    I will approve the way this is, however I believe there should be a clause that if officers need to use force, they can. Don't shoot a cop or you get shot

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    Megan Holcomb over 3 years ago

    Police agreed to cite and release people at the beginning of the pandemic. Despite that, PPD has made hundreds of arrests - one night over 200 people were arrested for marching against police violence. These arrests were unnecessary and every single judge involved agreed because they were all dismissed. Putting those hundreds of people in jail potentially created superspreaders.

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    Emily Jespersen over 3 years ago

    These limp measures will do next to nothing to reduce the lethality of the Phoenix PD. They will not address an underlying culture that devalues human life. The only way for Phoenix City Council to prove they are interested in saving and improving citizens' lives is to put their money where their mouth is: fund community resources at a rate commensurate with the amount of tax dollars spent on police.

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    Jisoo Kim over 3 years ago

    These reforms are laughable, and no civilian should let themselves be fooled by them. The proof is in the pudding -- PPD has fostered a culture that even necessitated these reforms to begin with. We must dream bigger; we cannot be satisfied with these patchwork, half-hearted, and long-delayed policy changes. Just look at the fact that they’re being presented in the same meeting as brand new equipment for PPD to use to intimidate civilians who dare question them. The whole system needs to go.