Meeting Time: November 17, 2020 at 1:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

3 Police Use of Force Policy Changes

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    Will Knight over 3 years ago

    The proposed changes are basic, long overdue, and designed to mitigate public outrage, not foster accountability. The fact that we have to put in writing that police should do something when they see other police commit violent crimes is a testament to the fact that use of force directives alone will never fix systemic injustice.
    This subcommittee needs to take up broader issues, like the violence of political prosecution, and the city needs to subordinate law enforcement to civilian power.

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    Annalisa Cardon over 3 years ago

    Like any other individual or organization, the Phoenix police MUST be held accountable. Instead they are avoiding accountability and abusing their power by fabricating false charges against the very people seeking to make them accountable.

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    B Thoi over 3 years ago

    These reforms will do little to change the structural issues at play that make Phoenix PD one of the most violent and deadly in the nation, year after year. We spend millions time and time again on ineffective reforms that deliver no measurable changes and still leave countless residents and their families scarred by the police terrorism that Phoenix PD brings into our communities. We cannot waste time with this theater backed by no accountability. Real consequences for cop violence, now.

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    Ethan Howley over 3 years ago

    PPD makes the city less safe when they are able to act with indemnity and target people with violence.

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    Kurt Anderson over 3 years ago

    This whole subcommittee meeting is a farce - meetings that reflect community safety concerns must be held during times where the community at large can attend.
    But the fact of the matter is that police have wasted $12M in taxpayer funds in overtime and unneeded expenses while colluding with the MCAO to silence critical community voices. As a voting resident of district 7, I cannot stay silent while the City Council and the Mayor remain complicit in the anti-community actions of the PPD and MCAO.

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    Sean Medlin over 3 years ago

    We don't see anything on the agenda that reflects the true problems that affect our community. We have been talking about PPD’s violent treatment and are consistently ignored. Mayor Kate, your leadership is showing and it’s not pretty. You are not listening to the people that elected you. We demand the abolition of the police who’s only job is to harm and cage Black brown indigenous queer and poor folx. It is City Council’s duty to help us hold them accountable and reduce the harm they cause.

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    Rachel Fedock over 3 years ago

    PPD STOP all violent attacks on peaceful protesters! The comparison between the treatment of BLM protesters to how MCSO treats Trump supporters protesting the election is completely appalling and unjust. City Council & Mayor it is your job to serve your constituents. Make changes now.

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    Ruia Prasad over 3 years ago

    When will City Council vote like Black lives matter? You all continue to condone the brutality and utter disregard for human life and people’s rights by Phoenix Police Department day in and day out. Instead of listening to those most directly impacted by this department’s policies, you are allowing the perpetuators of this harm decide what “needs” to be done in these useless and absurd meetings that no one can even attend! The political prosecution, killing, & caging of our community is on you!

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    Dailen Rogers over 3 years ago

    MCSO and PPD are hypocrites. Compare the treatment of Trump supporters protesting election results to those protesting police violence. MCSO fenced off a first ‘amendment zone’ for them in the recorder parking lot and closed off street traffic. There was no riot gear and absolutely zero use of force even though the majority of these protesters were all carrying weapons.

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    Jisoo Kim over 3 years ago

    PPD has fostered a culture that even necessitated these reforms to begin with. PPD may do some “reforms”, while their opportunistic relationship with MCAO stands. We see this exemplified in the countless cases where judges have refused to charge people based on police reports lacking probable cause; and then, MCAO brings the same charges to grand juries for indictment. Compare that with the treatment of Trump supporters protesting election results.

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    Camille Johnson over 3 years ago

    Phoenix police should not get a cent more - they have an outrageous budget of 744 million already and they're requesting MORE money? PPD continues to brutalize and murder at alarming rates, disproportionally harming Black and Brown community members. And when we say enough is enough and exercise our 1st Amendment rights, Phoenix police viciously assault and target protestors. These cops are out here pretending they're special ops and they want to act like they care about their use of force? Nah

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    Laura Hudson over 3 years ago

    PPD have been making hundreds of unnecessary arrests of people protesting police violence, charging some with baseless life altering felony charges. When the baseless charges are dismissed the next day, all those arrested have that much greater potential to have covid and spread the virus to the rest of our community. Your community. This Board is the only entity that has the power to prevent the police from harming our community. Do your job or we will vote you out.

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    Michael Mackiewicz over 3 years ago

    Police are not judge, jury, and executioner. Limitations on excessive force ensure our system works as intended, with punishments being handled by the judiciary and a panel of peers. We have seen time and again that violent tactics do not serve the long term interest of the police or their community. Police officers themselves should support these restrictions to foster trust and cooperation with the community, and move forward with an ongoing effort to reduce police escalation.

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    Elizabeth Venable over 3 years ago

    The City of Phoenix is consistently one of the most brutal police forces in America, with little accountability. This fosters little trust in the police system. With a paucity of resources for the people, the social problems which contribute to crime persist, and well meaning citizens are defined as criminals with a target on their back. The police need to be accountable and then defunded. Thank you.

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    John Malloy over 3 years ago

    The Phoenix police department, one of the most violent and lethal in the country, needs to be held accountable for preventable deaths and violence. These changes are an initial but necessary step in curbing the violence perpetuated by the members of the police department, and will result in safer, mutually beneficial interactions between community members and police members.

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    Caitlyn Hall over 3 years ago

    PPD and MCAO's relationship is corrupt. We see in countless cases where judges have refused to charge people based on police reports lacking probable cause. Then, MCAO brings the same charges to grand juries for indictment. Further, PPD preferentially prosecutes demonstrators based on politics, by as providing a "free speech zone", zero use of force, and not using riot gear at pro-Trump rallies though a majority of attendees were carrying weapons.

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    Eric Clark over 3 years ago

    The police have wasted $12 MILLION taxpayer dollar on disrupting peaceful marches with excessive equipment and officers. Majority arrested get dismissed, proving this is just a tactic silence protesters and to waste our tax dollars to line the pockets of cops.

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    Sarai Richter over 3 years ago

    The Phoenix PD is known across the nation as one of the most violent PDs. The statistics speak for themselves. Banning the choke hold is a minimum to what needs to be done. The cops need to be refunded and we need to have real frount line service providers. We need to adapt a policy similar to that of San Francisco. Cops here in the valley have a shoot first mindset. We have seen so many folx suffering from mental health crisis shot and killed who should have never been put in those situations.

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    Mary Martiniak over 3 years ago

    Police have wasted over $12M in taxpayer dollars by saturating peaceful marches with
    expensive equipment, and hundreds of extra officers. The majority of the arrests made get
    dismissed which is proof this is just a tactic to silence protesters, and to waste our tax dollars to pad paychecks with overtime, unnecessarily.

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    Heather Woodford over 3 years ago

    Police agreed to cite and release people at the beginning of the pandemic, before the infection
    rates were as high as they are now. Despite that, one night over 200 people were arrested for marching against police violence. This was
    unnecessary and every judge involved agreed because they were all dismissed. Putting those hundreds of people in jail created countless superspreaders. PPD is more of a risk to the community in their spreading of COVID than the people arrested.