Meeting Time: November 18, 2020 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

27 Adoption of an Ordinance Adding a New Chapter 20 to the Phoenix City Code Establishing the Office of Accountability and Transparency (Ordinance G-6770)

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    Cynthia McWhorter about 3 years ago

    We have to get this right. We need a committee BUT I'm against civilian oversight that does not include independent investigations and community participation. We need MORE transparency not an illusion of it. We need investigative powers to hold folks accountable for their actions. I thank local community organizations such as Poder In Action, Metro PHX BLM and others such as Carlos Garcia for fighting to make PHX safe for everyone. We are very fortunate to have such caring humans in our city.

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    Elizabeth Venable about 3 years ago

    This office needs to be more transparent and more accountable to the people. We need a civilian review board.

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    James Ha about 3 years ago

    We need more transparency with this committee. Why is it so secretive. Where can people apply for a position. Police haters aren't allowed to have a position and this needs to be in writing. No one that works, volunteers for Poder In action, BLM, Fuente etc.. can have a position on this committee. Carlos my horrible City Council can't be involved with this because he's a Police hater affiliated with numerous police hate groups. PLEA needs to be involved. This. Committee shouldn't exist, period

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    Sissy Veteran about 3 years ago

    I don't think any of this has been transparent. There needs to be a list of qualifications. People can't be affiliated with any Police hate groups or organizations! Everyone needs to attend Phoenix Citizens Academy, and have some legal Law enforcement experience - or knowledge to even understand how anything work's. Unfortunately, I'm in District 8, & the Devil Carlos has been keeping this committee & jobs a secret. There's retired law enforcement that would be good for this. I oppose.

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    Steven Moose about 3 years ago

    We don't need this committee. I don't support it at all. As an African American man living in District 08, it makes me uncomfortable that a Police Hater who is on the BOD and previously ran a Police Hate group Poder in Action shouldn't have any involvement with this! Carlos is a nightmare as city councilman, unfit. Plus this committee has been made private. Qualified People have wanted to apply for positions, are given the run around from Council, Mayor & Website. This hasn't been transparent.