Meeting Time: October 12, 2022 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

*96 ***REQUEST TO ADD-ON (SEE ATTACHED MEMO)*** Phoenix Park Ranger Program

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    Stacey Smith almost 2 years ago

    This money would be better used towards addressing the root causes at these parks. We already pay public police plenty and don't need to spend more on security whether public or private. Vote No and oppose this measure.

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    Lauren Chelini almost 2 years ago

    Vote NO on 96. We do not need more policing in our neighborhoods!

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    Eric Brickley almost 2 years ago

    This money needs to be directed into shelter and housing. Policing is the problem. You know this. You continue to watch policing kill people directly and indirectly and you continue to fund policing agencies. What an incredible correlation between advocates of this add-on and christianity? WWJD I bet he would kick the very poor out of the park with weapons. Where is your humanity?

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    Nicole Chelini King almost 2 years ago

    We need basic necessities for people not not more over policing. This is a gross misuse of funds as usual.

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    Debra LaPlante almost 2 years ago

    I support adding overnight security to the city parks that are experiencing loitering and crime after hours. Criminal activity drifts to areas that are not patrolled. I have been speaking with neighborhood leaders and Phx PD who report trespass notices but not citations. There is a posted Code of Conduct for park rangers to enforce. We all need to do our part.

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    Jeff Spellman almost 2 years ago

    I support this recommendation for adding overnight security to some of our highest impacted parks that are experiencing loitering and other crimes after hours. However, I'm quite concerned about the lack of enforcement of the Code of Conduct by our Phoenix Park Rangers. What I see are thousands of educational contacts, a number of trespass notices, but no citations reported for violations of the City Code, for which park rangers are authorized to enforce.