Meeting Time: June 08, 2020 at 11:00am MST
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Agenda Item

1 Request for Reconsideration of Item 44 from the June 3, 2020 Formal Council Meeting

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    Elizabeth Trummell almost 4 years ago

    Please do not take funds from the Police Department.They are already underfunded and have demonstrated support for communities and businesses.Statistics do not support the argument Phx PD has been harmful.Please use data not emotion to make decisions that will have effects long after this moment.Responsible budgeting requires not taking out loans you cannot guarantee you will be able to pay back.Underfunding PD will hurt communities and extend call response times which will hurt victims of crime

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    Felix Muniz almost 4 years ago

    I strongly oppose the currently proposed budget. Please consider shifting funding from public safety, specifically the Phoenix police department and reinvest in the community, in education, in mental health and trauma services, housing, and after school programs. The Phoenix pd has demonstrated that is actively harmful in our communities and we deserve to have alternatives to oppressive policing.

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    Minhgyuk kim almost 4 years ago

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