Meeting Time: September 02, 2020 at 2:30pm MST
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42 ***REQUEST TO ADD-ON*** Request to Reopen Phoenix City Parks

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    Michael Mueller about 3 years ago

    Our children need physical activity for their well being and safety. We are asking for City Parks to be re-opened for organized adult supervised physical activity. These organizations have COVID plans to maintain a safe environment. Please review these plans, offer guidance, and approve them. Our children have been denied physical activities for 5 months, it's time to allow them to return in a safe adult supervised approach for their continued well being.

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    THEODORE SCHLINK III about 3 years ago

    The Gordian Knot regarding the reason for the padlocked children's toys, swing set seats and restrooms in Lookout Mountain Park was solved with proof positive scientific medical evidence that the Covid-19 virus is bypassing kids 0-19 years of age.

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    Jeff Stempihar about 3 years ago

    Organized sports are so valuable to our kids mental health and development. There is also a risk that some may never come back if seasons continually are cancelled, losing the character development that comes along with playing on a team. Please open the City fields for organized sports that can keep kids distanced.

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    Christine Goldberg about 3 years ago

    Please re-open the city parks and allow the kids to return to sports. The rationale to be able to do it, assuming you can do it safely, is overwhelming. It is mental health, it’s physical fitness, it’s socialization... these are only a few reasons we play sports.

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    Lorri Bucholz about 3 years ago

    Please allow the Phoenix softball and baseball fields to open for safe league play. Our children need to be able to play, run and get physical exercise. Baseball is a distance sport. Children can use their own equipment. Our leagues have developed safety protocols for distancing and sanitizing. The mental health and physical benefits of opening up the fields significantly outweigh the risks of COVID when safety protocols are followed. Thank you. Lorri Bucholz, DO

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    Derek howard about 3 years ago

    Simple comment: listen your constituents if you want to be re elected.
    You work for us, you dont control us. Our voices will be loud and clear when re election time comes.

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    Terence Marshall about 3 years ago

    Open the fields please. Science currently supports that the benefits for the youth far out way the detriments.

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    Lisanne Farr about 3 years ago

    Our children need socialization, physical exercise, and team work in their daily lives. It is imperative for their mental and physical health. Baseball is a distance based sport and the our baseball program has built in safety guidelines to encourage distance with masked coaches and regular hand sanitizing. Major benchmarks are now very low and we can play baseball while continuing to slow the spread with the precautions built into our program. Please open our parks and let these boys play.

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    Sonja Robertson about 3 years ago

    Please consider opening fields so our kids can play ball. Baseball is a distance based sport, our baseball program has built in safety guidelines to encourage distance, masked coaches and regular hand sanitizing. There is a strong need to stop the spread of the virus but continue to give our children socialization, physical exercise, and team work in their daily lives. We can play baseball while continuing to slow the spread with the precautions built into our program.

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    Jeff Itoh about 3 years ago

    All city parks need to be reopened to improve the livelihood of our cities. People should carry out safety measures in wearing masks if needed. The new norm is to be safe and social again. It's healthier to be be outdoor than to be locked up in a home.

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    Mark Howard about 3 years ago

    Fields (along w everything else) need to be opened. The economic and social harm this policy has done is nearing no return. Where else can kids and adults be any safer than outside in wide open spaces. We were asked months ago to “flatten the curve”, we have done that. Take the politics out of our childrens lives. The American people are a lot smarter than most people in “power” believe us to be. We can social distance, we can be cautious, we dont need a sheep herder telling us what to do.

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    Chad Cherrington about 3 years ago

    Please open the fields and let the kids play. You are doing way more harm to their psyches than Covid could ever do to their bodies. Open the fields and let them play.

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    Anna Conti about 3 years ago

    Our kids need to be able to return to organized sports. I see my girls becoming depressed and less social the longer this drags on. They need fresh air, endorphins and fun! Let’s give them that in an organized manner In the safest environment for them, outdoors and with supervision. Thank you!!

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    Shawn Vandyke about 3 years ago

    Please open the city of Phoenix baseball and softball diamonds.
    Local club organizations and national organizations have already set guidelines along with the state of arizona. Baseball is a distance sport and should not be treated as other and/or indoor sports. Let the kids PLAY!

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    Stephani Bestland about 3 years ago

    Please open the fields. We have already had a lot taken from our kids during these last 6+ months. Our baseball program does a great process with distancing and encourage our kids to do the same no matter where they are. Our kids need interaction with their peers. Our kids don't need to continue just sitting at home, they need to be on the field and exercising with their peers.

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    Tarik Albert about 3 years ago

    Kids need to be able to be outside and exercise. Being forced inside is not good for their health or immune system. Socially distanced outside play is about the safest thing our children could do!

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    Chelsie Gambadoro about 3 years ago

    I am in full support of opening up fields for youth play. I believe they can be played while remaining safe and keeping in line with any city ordinances. Children have been shut down long enough and for their own mental, physical and emotional health, opening up their ability to be around other kids is needed and past due. Thank you.

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    Scott Swanson about 3 years ago

    We need to reopen the parks our children need to have the ability to burn off energy as they are distance learning. The ability to safely play sports in city parks is the best for children’s health. Children are at a low risk for the virus follow the science.

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    Beth Nillen about 3 years ago

    I'm a COVID ICU nurse, mom of 3 kids in baseball/soccer. Kids are in school but unable to go out in open fields to play sports even though transmission levels outside are much lower than indoors. Plus, regular exercise improves our immune systems.
    Some kids can practice at private facilities, but what about kids who can't afford to pay? That is what City Parks provide -- equal access to all. Unless parks reopen, only those who can pay will play competitively. Sports follow safety protocols.

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    Rich Tomey about 3 years ago

    As Executive Director of the Positive Coaching Alliance, I think it is imperative we open the city fields and parks to give our kids the space to participate in sports activities. Lifestyle choices, especially exercise, can influence the onset and advancement of many chronic illnesses (physical as well as mental). Low-income populations suffer conditions of obesity, asthma, diabetes, and stress-related conditions at a disproportionate rate... sports can change this. Kids lose out without sports.