Meeting Time: June 19, 2020 at 9:00am MST
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1 Discussion and Consideration of Citywide Face Covering Policy

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    Bonnie Wick almost 3 years ago

    There is no evidence that wearing masks make a difference in overall exposure. However, even if they did, mandating is against liberty and personal freedom. According to ARS 317, you cannot impose this on "private organizations or any member thereof". City employees, yes, but not private citizens. More people are injured wearing masks than are injured from people not wearing masks. You should not make healthy, asymptomatic people wear masks!!!! 99% of people are fine!

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    Eden Feuer almost 3 years ago

    This is a public health crisis and we must act accordingly!

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    Morgan Reid almost 3 years ago

    They shouldn't be required.

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    Catherine Foley almost 3 years ago

    Overwhelming supports the need to wear masks in public places until such time at the COVID pandemic in Arizona is more manageable. The current situation is untenable. People like me who are healthy, but in the higher risk age category will continue to refrain from our normal activities - including frequently local restaurants and limiting participation in other public socializing, until we are certain we can do so with a reasonable expectation that we can be safe.

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    Susan Zoucha almost 3 years ago

    No I am opposed 100%. Some of us can not wear masks and It’s not your place to mandate we wear them. We know how to best care for our health and the health of our children and family. I will not be complying to this nonsense. It’s wrong.

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    Laura Hamant almost 3 years ago

    As a physician, I think this is the best way to prevent spread of COVID19 and protect our community.

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    Andrew Ochoa almost 3 years ago

    I support the citywide face covering policy.

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    Terri Rosko almost 3 years ago

    Masks are ineffective and put people at risk.
    What is your proposal to have people dispose of the potential hazardous waste that the masks create?
    It should be optional, not mandated, who is going to enforce?

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    Crystal Burge almost 3 years ago

    I do not support forcing people to wear masks. My body. My choice.

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    Ruth Murphy almost 3 years ago

    COVID-19 cases are spiking and we must get this under control. Face masks are recommended by the CDC and reliable studies show they are effective against transmission of coronavirus. Please make face coverings mandatory in the City of Phoenix. It is a simple way for each individual to protect themselves and others. We are all part of this large community. Thank you.

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    Tamra Sant almost 3 years ago

    Mask lower people’s immune system! Dr. Fauci & Bill Gates are banned from India & Africa. Millions damaged by their vaccines. This virus is a flu & numbers exaggerated!
    Against our Constitutional rights! No to masks

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    Joann Lyles almost 3 years ago

    Mask wearing is public policy based on emotion—its regressive. Localities where masks are mandated are still COVID "hotspots" especially on the East coast. No city in Arizona should be

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    Penny Allee Taylor almost 3 years ago

    Please support today's Citywide Face Covering Policy that helps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and supports a stronger Public Health outcome. Numerous health studies now show the value of face covering to limit the spread of germs. Thank you for taking a stand for the health of our community.

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    Carrie Lifshitz almost 3 years ago

    I strongly support wearing a face mask to protect and help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Even my kids know that wearing a mask will help bring the numbers down. Doctors and nurses wear masks for hours a day so it is not an unreasonable ask. This is a matter of public health. Hundreds of thousands of physicians in AZ have said wearing masks will help slow transmission. There are peer-reviewed scientific papers that support wearing masks. I support this for the health of AZ.

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    Linda Santana almost 3 years ago

    New York City Required Masks and Some Poor Women and her Child Were Accosted by The NYPD to put on their masks. A confrontation resulted and the woman was injured. A Major LAWSUIT was filed and the City will LOOSE that one !! I suspect the City of Phoenix will be the same if passed. Get Ready For LAWSUITS CITY OF PHOENIX !!!

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    David Ruck almost 3 years ago

    My lungs were damaged due to chemical inhalation many years ago, and my lungs no longer have their full breathing capacity. On top of that, I have a deviated septum that allows almost no air to pass through one nostril. I struggle to get enough air on a good day without a mask, and I am plagued with headaches due to the lack of oxygen on a regular basis. I can not and will not wear a mask. It is not possible with my health issues, and I'm not alone. Don't make me a criminal for not masking up.

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    Libby McDannell almost 3 years ago

    The Arizona Medical Association does not have a position regarding the mandating of mask wearing in public.There is consensus among the 4000 AZ physicians we represent that preventive measures like mask wearing when distancing is not possible is critically important to slowing the spread of this virus.

    The science / data confirms the following:
    - Masks are used to protect others from what you are breathing out, are not detrimental to the health of the wearer and are ideal for everyday use.

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    Cheryl Pagel almost 3 years ago

    Through out this pandemic we have received lots of conflicting information. But when studied masks help prevent transmission. As our numbers are rising we need to use all the tools we have available to reverse that trend. Masks should be required.

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    Stephanie Lucas almost 3 years ago

    I support wearing masks for as long as is needed to protect our citizens. It's a small act in the bigger picture, and we can stand united with our fellow municipalities. Let's stop the spread in Arizona.

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    Nathan Naimark almost 3 years ago

    It’s the smart and healthy thing to do. That’s it, that’s the comment.