Meeting Time: June 16, 2021 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

33 Adoption of the Final 2021-22 Operating Funds Budget (Ordinance S-47661)

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    Debbie Moody over 2 years ago

    We need to treat our police better. They are true hero’s and deserve so much more respect, appreciation and funding.

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    Mary Ketcham over 2 years ago

    Please, please, please, make the decision to support our police department! The success of our city, citizens and businesses is reliant upon their policing without financial restrictions. Look at those cities who, sadly, have chosen to defund their police departments and you find increased crime, destruction and despair growing by the day. Let Phoenix be the city that starts a trend of support and respect for those public servants who put their lives on the line every single day!

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    Susan Hicks over 2 years ago

    BACK THE BLUE - Fully fund the Police Department who protect our communities.
    RESPECT THE BLUE -- 99 % of our officers are honorable and serve us well in indescribable circumstances under extreme duress. GROW the Phoenix Police Force Funding this need for the officers who provide law and order.

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    James Va over 2 years ago

    Please pass funding the police department. As a registered voter and actual personal living in your city, it would be nice to have safety resources on hand when they are needed.
    Although not a problem from most of the councils tenure, the police are feeling the pinch of not hiring for many years. If you do not correct the problem and properly find police now, you will be hurting the very voters who support you, council. Don’t turn your back on residents because of your personal biases.

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    Denny Thomason over 2 years ago

    I support increasing police funding. I am frustrated that I even have to comment on this. I should be able to trust our leaders to do the right thing which includes focusing on the protection of our citizens. This requires strong and consistent support for our police, and the hiring and retaining of more police to solve surging violent crime in our city.

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    Minna Riley over 2 years ago

    I fully support the increase of police funding - defunding police is plain lunacy and would put innocent lives at risk due to thugs freely roaming the streets, invading homes and robbing businesses. We need more police presence, not less. INCREASE THE BUDGET!

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    Greg Dane over 2 years ago

    The safety and security of the citizens should be paramount to ANY and ALL legislators. Funding should NEVEN be decresed but increased to first responders. Without police we will hve vigilantes or anarchy - Remove funding for the police and a movement will start to quit paying taxes. Support the people not those who hate this country!

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    Charity Miller over 2 years ago

    We need to maintain safety with the surge of illegals. Our police department should be fully funded to keep our city great. The police are the backbone of this great city. I strongly support full funding. Please Vote YES to fund the police!

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    Martha Spence over 2 years ago

    I vote for ALL THE FUNDING THAT PHOENIX POLICE is asking for - and more!!! We need our police force funded well!!

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    Maria Garcia over 2 years ago

    DO NOT take away any fundings from our police. We need to hire more officers as the city continues to grow.

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    Natalie Veidmark over 2 years ago

    Please support increased funding for public safety. Our businesses and residents rely on the community action officers to proactively address areas of concern before they result in major issues. Please show your support for our officers and community. Natalie Veidmark, North Mountain Business Alliance

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    Barbara Jennings over 2 years ago

    It is truly sad that "we the people" who are working, have to take the time and police our "Mayor" for her and some city councilmen, continuous attempts to defund the police. Mayor Gallego continues to support the "art" in the sum of 7.4 million dollars but yet does not seem to grasp the importance of the police and keeping our communities safe. Even has 100's of thousand illegal immigrants cross our border and detention centers are being place in the middle of communities. FUND THE POLICE!

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    Gretchen Patterson over 2 years ago

    The Phoenix Police Dept is one of the BEST police departments in the nation. This is partially due to the funding and training they have received over the years. This is not the time to cut funding to our law enforcement. They need full funding, fill vacancies, and maintain the strong presence our community needs. This agenda item needs revision! PS to people that supports the Police Dept, you need to oppose this item, not support!!

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    Julie Seale over 2 years ago

    I fully support the proposed increase in funding for Phoenix Police. Please pass the budget with this important funding increase included. It is critical to the safety of the citizens to support, financially and otherwise, our law enforcement. It has been proven all over our nation that when support and funding for our police is decreased, violent crimes increase. The people of Arizona are counting on you to do whatever you can to provide a safe community. Thank you.

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    Jeff Christian over 2 years ago

    The idea of defunding Police is as ludacris as those who support it. Any sane, logical person will realize Parks are great, but without Police they would become crimegrounds, not playgrounds. Stop bowing to the main stream media and groups like black lives matter. This budget doesn't go far enough to fund Police, but at least it goes up some. We are already well below the safety line with numbers of Police. We can't afford to let this trend continue. Fund the Police!! Back the Blue!!

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    Abbie J over 2 years ago

    I live in the war zone, dist8 with dist 7 across the street. Apparently both council members of these dist have no regard for public safety, especially for female millennials who go to school, work, try to live in peace and safety. I'm harassed daily by drugged out Criminals & predator's knowing we don't have enough Police to patrol the area. I pay a fortune in rent to be living in fear daily. We can't walk outside alone, ever, every friend has had their car vandalized. Do your jobs! Hiremore p

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    J J Martinez over 2 years ago

    You cannot fixed the crime and issues that are plaguing the 27th Ave corridor from Indian School to northern. Nor can you address the opioid epidemic that is rampant at 51st Ave and McDowell. The police play a huge roll but are the only department that is needed to address these issues. If you Council members vote to defund police you’re committing political suicide. You so called community leaders will leave a legacy of high crime and it will be evident you were simply self serving.

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    Jason Garner over 2 years ago

    We need police and policing, especially in Phoenix.

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    Angela Stevens over 2 years ago

    Do not allow politics and propaganda to weigh into this very critical, and in some instances, life saving decision. Crime is not going away. Give the police the tools, manpower, and training to do their job safely and effectively!

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    Caroline Lobo over 2 years ago

    I support the Final Operating Budget with resources for our City's development. Increasing the annual budget for Police is critical in making our communities safe and integrating officers in the inner workings of our Neighborhoods.