Meeting Time: June 16, 2021 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

33 Adoption of the Final 2021-22 Operating Funds Budget (Ordinance S-47661)

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    Diane Freibaum 3 months ago

    Please pass the budget and continue to fund and increase funding for the Phoenix Police Department. I fully support Phoenix Police Department. Phoenix PD has been understaffed and underfunded for too many years. Phoenix is growing and we need more officers as well as increased staffing for specialty and investigative squads. Keeping our communities safe is a priority. Proactive presence as well as timely investigations are paramount to keeping our community safe.

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    Merissa Hamilton 3 months ago

    Make Phoenix Safe! Fund our Police! While violent crime continues to surge in Phoenix, anti-police activists are aggressively insisting on defunding the Police Department. Phoenix is in a patrol officer crisis with patrols being at the lowest levels in well over a decade. Detectives are now being moved off their homicide investigations and moved back onto patrol duty. This is dangerous as it means the City is delaying violent people from being identified, caught, and taken off the streets.

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    Daryl Handler 3 months ago

    I live in District 8. I'm more than disappointed in Carlo's lack of integrity honesty and desire to do his job and keep our district safe from crime and drugs. It's appauling that you intentionally put our children in harm's way daily by not supporting our hard working PHX Police officers and staff. Shame on you. We DEMAND you communicate with PLEA and get the officer's we need Now or resign! Everyone but Criminals, support Phoenix Police. Are you a Criminal? Or are you going to Support. Ticktoc

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    Ann Murray 3 months ago

    I support funding the budget and fully funding the police department. We live in the Desert Horizon Precinct and have had positive interactions with officers that have responded to our calls. We have found the officers to be professional, kind and knowledgeable. To retain quality officers and to attract quality candidates in a tough recruiting market, please give the department the resources that they need. It would be a plus if they also had the support of city council.

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    cynthia graber 3 months ago

    I 150 percent support our police and this budget. We are the fifth largest city we need our City Council working as a team and showing our public safety that they support them. City Council needs to fund incentives to hire additional police officers. We need additional funding for more motor police to help make our streets safe. We need additional funding to place cameras on every intersection along light rail. Cameras will cut down crime , jaywalking and speeding. The police are my community.

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    Jessie Fleischmann 3 months ago

    I live and work in Carlos Garcia’s district and I am here to say he does NOT speak for the majority of his district. WE SUPPORT PHOENIX PD! Pass the budget and next chance you get give them a huge raise to bring in more officers! We need MORE officers!

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    Kaye Thomas 3 months ago

    I live in District 8 and Carlos office never returns calls or emails. I'm a disabled elderly senior and I don't feel safe in my neighborhood at Deck Park Vista Senior Apartments. I'm alive today because Phoenix PD saved my life. We need more Police and they need to be fully funded. For Carlos to be the head of a Police hate group on the board of directors he shouldn't be allowed to be on City Council. He doesn't care if we all die in our district. That's elder abuse. Public safety needs to be #1

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    James Ha 3 months ago

    I honor and repect Phoenix Police officers and staff. They work so hard and ALL Council needs to acknowledge them and give them the respect they deserve. If you don't, give your protective detail back to Phoenix PD. We need them. Patrolling our streets. I used to live in District 08 which is a war zone, I now live in District 7. I am disgusted with the disrespect Yassamin has towards Police. Meet with Plea and do your job making sure we are safe. Because we're not in your district! Fully fund

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    Rosie Trotter 3 months ago

    I support our wonder brave Phoenix Police. They are Hero's! I appreciate the respect they have for us African Americans. We need more Police because our children seniors and young women aren't safe. Please hire more Police. Please sit down with PLEA and work something out. I'd love to see a push to hire African American Police officers and Minorities. Obviously they need to qualify. And more women. Council should be pushing hiring events. I support funding Police so citizens will be safe.

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    John Curfman 3 months ago

    We MUST fully fund (and indeed INCREASE) funding for our Police Department. We are woefully behind DOJ recommendations for staffing for a city of our size. As our city has grown over the past decades, our PD has not. Community Policing (adding CAO's) is a way to identify and arrive at a solution to may of our crime problems. We cannot afford NOT to afford a well staffed Police Department.

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    Alexis Butler 3 months ago

    FULLY FUND OUR POLICE!!!! Do not let this budget pass without FULL funding of the police!

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    Taylor J 3 months ago

    Support Phoenix Police. We need more Police. Public Safety needs to be #1 I live in District 8 and the crime has skyrocked because of the lack of Police.
    I support the budget to fund the Police. Phoenix is the hub for child porn child sex trafficking and to not want more Police and to not advocate for more Police is despicable

    Shame on you Sal, Jim, Carlos for not voting for this. All three of you are not right, because the only people that doesn't support Police are Criminals.

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    Veteran Sissy 3 months ago

    I support Phoenix Police along with all my veteran friend's, and brown and black neighbors and friend's. We all Support the budget, giving Police the money they need.
    As an African American senior who's also a military Veteran, it's so important we have more officer's to protect us. I live in District 08 and it's so dangerous around 3rd Street and Moreland that I'm afraid to walk outside now in the daytime. I really wish Council members would prioritize public safety.

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    Arwen Gustafson 3 months ago

    A fully funded police department is of utmost importance to myself and my family. I have lived in Chicago and Seattle, two beautiful cities that have demoralized their police departments in many ways including loss of funding. One can see the outcome - huge crime issues and very unsafe. I expect to see the city council and mayor respond to citizens like myself who want the best for the city by fully funding the police department and prioritizing even more funding than is in this budget!

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    pam fitzgerald 3 months ago

    I feel that this budget is fair and balanced. Please remember that this is for the entire city not just for one small group of people. No surprises from councilman garcia should be allowed. Support this budget

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    Jill Thacker 4 months ago

    More budget dollars should be allocated to the Phoenix Police department! Our police force is grossly understaffed. If we are to keep our city safe there needs to be a HUGE effort put behind rebuilding an adequate number of police officers for the city of Phoenix. I DO NOT support any budget that obviously reduces dollars for law enforcement and/or a budget that re-allocates dollars away from core police functions. I support the PPD and the endless work they do to protect our community!

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    Maria Koehne 4 months ago

    FULLY FUND OUR POLICE. Please support our police department by fully funding our Police Departments. Please do not cut their funding. We need them to continue to be effective in our communities. They need to know they are appreciated. They have been a blessing in my Community. Do NOT cut their funding, I support the police and the work they do to serve and protect.

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    Leslie Duffy 4 months ago

    Provide our police with funding they need to operate and protect us! We are the 5th largest city in the nation and we are now being filled with illegal immigrants and migrants. Fund our police!!!!

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    Andrea Armendariz 4 months ago

    Provide our police with the funding they need. They can't continue to operate effectively with minimal funding and absolutely can't operate with less than they have today. They need funding for proper training, equipment, pay, recruiting, etc. We need to create a supportive environment through city support that will excite new recruits to work here. Phoenix is at risk of losing our officers to other neighboring cities that support the police and has struggled to fill open positions.

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    Kristen Ryan 4 months ago

    Please fully support Phx. Crime is up and Phx is the 5 th largest city. We need more officers not less! We love our police and want them fully funded.