Meeting Time: June 16, 2021 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

33 Adoption of the Final 2021-22 Operating Funds Budget (Ordinance S-47661)

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    Michele Clerke 3 months ago

    Back our LEO 100%! Our cities need them! Please fund our police and I encourage training efforts aimed at the issues we need to fix.

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    Jane Seybold 3 months ago

    I support funding of the Police.
    Your job as elected leaders is to protect the community. Crime needs to be addressed.

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    Catherine Tunget 3 months ago

    Phoenix is in a patrol officer crisis with patrols being at the lowest levels in well over a decade. Detectives are now being moved off their homicide investigations and moved back onto patrol duty. This is dangerous as it means the City is delaying violent people from being identified, caught, and taken off the streets.
    I support the increase in funding for Police and ask Phoenix to solve the surging violent crime problem by hiring and retaining more patrol officers.

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    SHANE BUTLER 3 months ago

    We need to provide support and resources to our police department. We cannot take money away from our police department. This policy continues to fail across various cities in the US. We need to keep our communities safe and that can only be done through investing in our police.

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    Marcus Milam 3 months ago

    Allot needed funds to our police department. The Phoenix Police Department is struggling with retention, training & equipment. There is a crisis in the Department as older officers are retiring and they are not being replaced. These funds will help prevent the drain & keep experienced officers serving our community. We know that defunding the police will result in an increase in crime, which will decrease the quality of life for all our people. Do not make this mistake. Fully fund our officers.

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    Sharon Kroger 3 months ago

    Please allot funds to the police. We need better training, equipment and to retain the expertise of the senior officers. Please don't make the same mistake as other cities( i.e. Baltimore, New York and Minneapolis,etc.) that initially cut the budget then had to allot additional funds to combat crime. We, the Tax Payers, deserve your best efforts to protect us from criminals and to decrease crime. Cutting funds makes absolutely NO SENSE.

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    Palmyre Zele 3 months ago

    Our police are instrumental in keeping our community safe. With the abundant civil unrest plaguing our cities. it is crucial that they receive the support they deserve.

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    Tiffany Broderick 3 months ago

    Please continue to support our Phoenix PD and give them the funding they need to do their jobs! They are more needed than ever.

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    Pamela Peake 3 months ago

    The police must be fully funded, with increases forthcoming as needed to keep peace on our streets! With the current administration opening the border, inviting crime and drugs to flood our streets, this is imperative!

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    Ryan Bjornstad 3 months ago

    I oppose the increased budget of our Phoenix PD. We have a very substantial police force that can use their currently allotted budget to solve the problems they face. Increasing the burden on the taxpayer will not solve the issues at hand with the police. I remind all my fellow CONSERVATIVES to conserve funding and reduce spending. Especially on bloated budgets like this.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Jeffrey Specter 3 months ago

    I beg you to increase funding for Police because crime is surging in Phoenix. Crime affects the lives of residents of course, but additionally businesses cannot thrive if visitors are afraid to come to Phoenix. We need to hire and retain more patrol officers.

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    Martin Braun 3 months ago

    Please continue to support Phoenix PD. The men and women of the police department need our support, especially during these times. The Phoenix police officers I know are dedicated to their profession, and already spend significant time and resources improving their skills outside of work hours.

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    Julia Bishop 3 months ago

    I support funding the police. We need to protect the citizens and anything less puts us all in great danger. The increase in crime and poor boarder security means a strong police force is even more necessary.

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    John Castiglia 3 months ago

    With the increase in violent crime we need to fully fund the police.

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    Susan Lindahl 3 months ago

    I support increasing funding for Police and ask Phoenix to solve the surging violent crime problem by hiring and retaining more patrol officers. Thank you.

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    Tema Moss 3 months ago


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    Pam Reinke 3 months ago

    At a time when the Federal government is failing in its responsibilities with its open borders policy, it is all the more important for local government to fulfill theirs. We need our police department fully funded.

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    MS Platt 3 months ago

    I 100% support this budget and we must support our Phoenix PD. These are dangerous and violent times, especially with the border crisis. Protecting the People of Phoenix is the top priority, if the Phx PD doesn’t have the support EVERYONE is at risk especially the most vulnerable.
    Please give PHX PD the funding

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    Hillary Rusk 3 months ago

    I support this budget and fully support funding the police. Please help our PD build their department and hire new officers so they can effectively protect our city.

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    Jennifer Kroening 3 months ago

    I support fully funding the Phoenix Police Department. Our public safety officers need resources to effectively protect our citizens and our community. Do NOT cut police funding. Back the Blue!