Meeting Time: June 16, 2021 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

33 Adoption of the Final 2021-22 Operating Funds Budget (Ordinance S-47661)

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    Bruce Wymore 3 months ago

    At a time when the Federal government is failing in its responsibilities with its open borders policy, it is all the more important for local government to fulfill theirs.

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    Buffalo Rick Galeener 3 months ago

    Get your heads out of the sand and address reality! We need more funding and support for the PPD, not cutbacks that are beneficial to the leftist thugs!

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    Rene Lewandowski 3 months ago

    Back the Blue!
    This is dangerous when the City is delaying violent people from being identified, caught, and taken off the streets.
    ​I am supporting the increase in funding for Police and asking Phoenix to solve the surging violent crime problem by hiring and retaining more patrol officers! I want our families to be safe and be able to live with confidence that we are being protected.
    I’m the taxpaying citizen and I am not asking to Back The Blue I am demanding for this to be done.

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    Cassie Dering 3 months ago

    I implore you to Back the Blue, by supporting the increase in funding for Police, and asking Phoenix to solve the surging violent crime problem by hiring and retaining more patrol officers.

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    Shane Willoby 3 months ago

    Back the Blue 100%. Support the men & women who protect our communities!

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    Christophe Hamel 3 months ago

    Against the brown shirts and fully for the Blue

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    Justin McKay 3 months ago

    A good step, but the increase in police funding does not go far enough.

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    Ginebra Candiotti 3 months ago


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    SJ James 3 months ago

    What is there to think about? Police and safety over criminals.

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    Michael Thompson 3 months ago

    I back the blue, I support funding the police.

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    Melanie Hutchings 3 months ago

    I support increasing the police budget.

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    Debora Harlow 3 months ago

    I am a Phoenix transplant and have been here for 30 years and wholeheartedly agree with INCREASING THE POLICE BUDGET in order to Support our officers by hiring more, which allows for better staffing and added training opportunities, which is best for every person in the city. Please vote Yes to INCREASE THE POLICE BUDGET.

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    Janel Eichler 3 months ago

    We need to do all we can to protect those who protect us. I support passing this budget.

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    Cam Cohen 3 months ago

    BACK THE BLUE!!!! Our BRAVE men and women in uniform deserve funding and respect. Vote for the funding! God Bless all of our police officers.

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    Merle Ruso 3 months ago

    What we see as a community is violent crime continuing to surge in Phoenix. Meanwhile, anti-police activists are aggressively insisting on defunding the Police Department and this is not acceptable.

    According to shared sources, patrol officer are in crisis with patrols being at the lowest levels in well over a decade. Detectives are now being moved off their homicide investigations and moved back onto patrol duty. Fully funding Phoenix PD is imperative in order to protect citizens.

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    Jackie Olmstead 3 months ago

    I support our police! Our men and women of blue need our support as they protect our community. No defunding!!!!!

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    Tim Gardnr 3 months ago

    Adopt this budget. Defunding the police only enables criminal behavior and puts us all at risk
    Support and fund all Law enforcement

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    Jeanne Suliere 3 months ago

    Please adopt this budget. We must continue to support our men and women in blue. NO DE-FUNDING !!!!

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    Lisbeth Ward 3 months ago

    Back the Blue! Please pass this budget so our outstanding police department can do their job safely and effectively. The majority of taxpayers in this city support this department and this budget. These men and women come to serve. Support them!! Crime has skyrocketed in those city's who have cut or defunded their force and their officers are leaving in droves. Do not let this happen to Phoenix. Our City should be a safe place to live and visit.

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    jane Luckman 3 months ago

    Phoenix needs more police and they need the best equipment and training. This is not the time to defund them or decrease their funding. The safety of all the citizens of Phoenix is far more important than public art projects or other ridiculous projects. We don't have private security or bodyguards around our community. We need police protection. Now. Full protection.