Meeting Time: June 16, 2021 at 2:30pm MST
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Agenda Item

33 Adoption of the Final 2021-22 Operating Funds Budget (Ordinance S-47661)

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    Amber T 4 months ago

    Quit playing games and support the Phoenix Police Department, its Officers and the citizens of Phoenix! Provide them with adequate compensation, training, tools and the resources necessary to serve the 5th largest city in America. They can NOT keep doing more with less...SUPPORT Phoenix Police!

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    Michael Riggs 4 months ago

    The Phoenix Police Department has been doing more with less for for over a decade and thanks to the anti-police rhetoric brought on by Vice Mayor Garcia and his supporters, things have gotten worse for the men and women who put their lives on the line daily for the thousands of Phoenix residents who do support them as opposed to the 300 activists who the Mayor and majority of the Council kowtow to. Law and order is vital to a successful community and violent crime is on the rise. Fund PPD!

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    Michael Jordan 4 months ago

    I support a strong police presence in our community, and I do not wish to see our police force reduced. We have seen over the past year, cities that have reduced their police force suffer increased crime and street violence. I feel very strongly that further reductions in the police budget is a mistake. We are a growing population; it is not responsible to consider a reduction in the police budget.

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    Laura Jordan 4 months ago

    Please do not reduce or diminish the funds needed to effectively operate the Phoenix Police Department, which overall, is run exceptionally well and operates with fairness. The knee-jerk response to "de-fund" does not consider the long-term consequences to a vital and rapidly growing community that is now Phoenix. Statistics speak and demonstrate that our officers are well-trained, conscientious, and equipped to handle the complicated situations of our city.

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    Nathan Lynch 4 months ago

    I support law enforcement and believe that the challenges of the current political environment may cause you to continue to "de-fund" our police department. Our area has a growing overall population and a diminishing police presence due to officers retiring and leaving the force. In fact, as more experienced officers are leaving the force, we are not seeing new recruitment match the losses. So we are losing more experienced officers and cannot even replace them with raw recruits. HELP!